UK Investor Jarratt Davis Acquires Software Business for £1.8 Million

Jarratt Davis, a UK investor based in Staffordshire, has successfully completed the acquisition of Trader-tech Solutions, a software company.

The acquisition encompasses the valuable software intellectual property of Trader-tech Solutions and is set to be incorporated into Mr. Davis’s existing holdings. The deal was executed through his investment holding company, AsAc Investments, and is estimated to be worth £1.8 million.

Details of the specific terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Mr. Davis announced the strategic move, stating, “The primary objective of this acquisition is to enhance our current infrastructure with advanced technology. Over the next two years, we aim to strengthen our capacity to serve business clients in the Financial Trading Industry. This technology will be instrumental in facilitating this expansion through our existing sub-companies and brands. We believe that acquiring this technology, rather than building our own, will expedite the achievement of our goals.”

Revenue Expansion Strategy

In addition to focusing on this acquisition, Mr. Davis expressed his intention to concentrate on expanding B2B revenue channels. He emphasised, “We already possess a reputable brand within the financial trading industry and have a strong aspiration to extend our product and service offerings beyond retail end-users. By integrating this technology into our existing framework, we aim to streamline this expansion process. Moreover, this acquisition enables us to continuously enhance the technology as part of our ongoing development efforts.”

Anticipated Growth in Software Services

The software products market is expected to witness substantial growth in the coming decade.

According to Statista, global revenue for the industry is projected to increase from $253 billion in 2023 to $344 billion by 2030, representing a remarkable growth rate of over 35%.

This growth surge was bolstered by the global pandemic in 2019, which prompted businesses worldwide to embrace remote working policies. Software makers capitalised on this opportunity, leading to sustained growth, as more people continue to work online.

This trend is expected to persist across industries, with the integration of AI capabilities.

Jarratt Davis is optimistic about capitalising on this opportunity, not only within the financial trading industry but also in other sectors beyond.

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