Rave Coffee Shares Perfect Deals For Coffee Lovers In Time For Black Friday

Rave Coffee is brewing up irresistible deals on beloved coffee blends and single origins that are perfect for holiday gift-giving and stocking up on your own supplies this Black Friday.

The company is an award-winning UK coffee roaster known for ethically-sourced beans and small-batch roasting. Rave Coffee will offer discounts on curated coffee selections ideal for coffee connoisseurs starting from November 24th.

Based in Cirencester, Rave Coffee is dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality coffee from ethical producers around the world. The team carefully selects beans to ensure a flavourful foundation for their expert roasting.

Rave Coffee is also committed to giving back and protecting the planet through their partnership with One Tree Planted. As part of the 1% for the Planet initiative, Rave Coffee donates 1% of all sales to One Tree Planted to support global reforestation efforts.

This Black Friday, customers can feel good about choosing Rave Coffee, knowing part of their purchase will go towards planting trees and making a positive impact. Featured in Rave’s Black Friday promotions are:

  • Rave’s Signature Blend No. 1, the brand’s flagship medium-dark roast blend, carrying balanced notes of chocolate, caramel, and almond. As Rave’s most popular coffee, the Signature Blend is perfect for drinking black or pairing with steamed milk in flat whites or other milk-based drinks.
  • The Best Selling Coffee Bundle, an introductory set containing Rave’s top three blends: the classic Signature Blend No. 1, single-origin favourite Colombia El Carmen, and robust Italian Job espresso blend. This mix makes it easy to find your preferred roast profile.
  • For the sweet-toothed, Rave’s Fudge Blend No. 5 provides an irresistible fudge flavour – especially when prepared as a flat white or cappuccino with whole milk, which complements the blend’s fudge notes.
  • Rave’s Colombia El Carmen, their best selling single origin, offers a syrupy body with chocolate, caramel and red fruit tones.
  • The Italian Job blend, Rave’s dark roast blend with a hit of Robusta, makes for a rich and punchy espresso.

Rave Coffee’s beans taste exceptional when brewed with quality coffee equipment designed to extract the fullest flavour. This Black Friday, pick up one of Rave’s specialty blends or single origin beans along with a new brewer like the WACACO portable espresso maker or AeroPress coffee maker. 

The WACACO allows you to brew rich, crema-topped espresso shots anywhere using Rave’s Italian Job or other dark roast blends. For immersion style coffee, the AeroPress uses a fine ground coffee and gentle pressure to produce smooth, full-bodied coffee. Rave’s single origin and lighter roast beans will shine through beautifully with the AeroPress’s clean extraction.

“Black Friday presents the perfect opportunity to offer our loyal customers special savings on our expertly sourced and roasted coffee blends and single origins,” said Vikki Hodge, co-founder of Rave Coffee. “Our team is passionate about bringing out the inherent flavours of each origin through careful roasting profiles.”

Discover Black Friday savings on Rave’s range of award-winning coffees at ravecoffee.co.uk. Shop gift sets, subscriptions, brewing accessories, and more starting November 24th. Free UK shipping will also be offered with qualified orders.

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