26-Year-Old Man Undergoes Remarkable Voice Transformation Surgery After Repeatedly Being Misidentified as a Woman

A skilled surgeon has unveiled the remarkable outcomes of a groundbreaking voice transformation surgery, profoundly altering the life of a young man who has endured persistent misidentification as a female.

Dr. Kursat Yelken, a distinguished professor specializing in ear, nose, and throat disorders, has been dedicated to improving lives for the past 15 years by permanently modifying the pitch of individuals’ voices.

With an annual caseload of approximately 100 to 150 patients, he conducts procedures that can either deepen or raise the pitch of their voices through the precise relaxation or tensioning of vocal cords.

In a captivating Instagram video, the doctor showcases the results of a recent voice-deepening surgery.

“This young man, aged 26, possesses a voice frequency that falls within the range intermediate to that of a typical male and female, closely approaching the upper limit of male vocal tones,” explained Kursat in an interview with http://NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“His primary concern was occasional misperception as a female when conversing over the phone.

“Throughout the surgical intervention, I experimented with various voice pitches, concluding the procedure upon achieving a satisfactory level of depth.”

The pre-surgery segment of the video captures the patient addressing the camera, stating, “I’m here for voice masculinization surgery to prevent people from mistaking me for a woman.”

Transitioning to the post-surgery phase, he showcases his newly acquired deeper voice, demonstrating a noticeable transformation mere hours after the surgery.

During the procedure, the Turkish surgeon makes a precise incision along the lower section of the neck.

He elaborated, “We create a diamond-shaped cartilage island on the thyroid cartilage and gently retract it. This action allows the vocal cords to relax, resulting in a deeper voice.

“The extent of vocal pitch reduction is directly correlated with the degree of cartilage relaxation.

“I maintain communication with the patient throughout the surgery, attentively listening to their voice.

“The patient can experience changes in their voice while the procedure is underway.

“We can navigate between different vocal tones, enabling both the patient and me to settle upon the most suitable pitch.

“The process concludes once the optimal voice depth is mutually agreed upon.”

The patient, who traveled from the United States to undergo this transformative surgery, expressed profound satisfaction with the immediate alteration in his voice pitch.

Kursat added, “This patient experienced a remarkable and dramatic change in his voice post-surgery.

“In a follow-up video consultation conducted a couple of months later, he conveyed that his entire life, encompassing social interactions and professional endeavors, had undergone a profound transformation.”

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