Click2Pharmacy Presents 2023 Insights on Emergency Contraception Use in the UK

Click2Pharmacy, a leading player in the UK’s online pharmacy sector, has recently released a detailed report on the usage of emergency contraception in 2023. This report, drawing from NHS statistics and OpenPrescribing, offers critical insights into the usage trends of emergency contraception across England.

Notable Findings from the 2023 Emergency Contraceptive Usage Report

  1. Dominance of Oral Contraceptives: Highlighted in the  emergency contraceptive statistics 2023 report is the significant reliance on emergency contraceptive pills, with oral contraceptives making up 90% of prescriptions.
  2. Top Emergency Contraceptives: The year 2023 saw Ulipristal (known as ellaOne) as the most favoured emergency contraceptive, followed by Levonorgestrel.

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Contraception Trends

An interesting aspect of the report is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on emergency contraception usage. The decrease in prescriptions during the pandemic is attributed to social distancing measures, rather than a lack of service access.

Demographics and Changing Prescription Rates

  • The report points out that women aged 25-34 are the most common age group seeking Sexual Reproductive Health services for emergency contraceptives, yet they are less likely to receive prescriptions compared to other age groups.
  • A steady reduction in emergency contraceptive prescriptions since 2004 is observed, indicating evolving contraceptive choices and access.

Societal Stigma and the Preference for Online Privacy

The high volume of online searches for emergency contraceptive pills, as noted in the report, suggests a societal trend towards seeking privacy and discretion in obtaining these medications.

Click2Pharmacy’s Dedication to Sexual Health Awareness

Sakib Mohammed, Pharmacist at Click2Pharmacy, states, “At Click2Pharmacy, we are committed to encouraging open discussions about sexual health and providing reliable information.”

To explore the full scope of Click2Pharmacy’s Emergency Contraceptive Statistics 2023, visit their website for comprehensive details.

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