Tangle Launches Premium Dog Bowls Made from Discarded Fishing Nets, Promoting Sustainability

Sustainable pet brand Tangle is set to release its new Tangle Dog Bowl on July 1st, created from end-of-life fishing nets. With a focus on combating ghost nets, the brand aims to reduce marine life casualties caused by discarded fishing nets by offering a range of high-end, sustainable dog accessories made from recycled fishing nets in the UK.

Ghost nets, known as the silent killers of our seas, contribute nearly half of the plastic pollution in the ocean. These abandoned nets, typically made from non-biodegradable plastics, harm and kill millions of marine species each year.

Xavier Warburton, co-founder of Tangle, established the business in 2022 out of concern for the impact of ghost nets on marine life. Their innovative approach involves repurposing these nets into durable and long-lasting premium dog products.

Xavier explains, “As an eco-conscious dog owner, it was crucial for me to have a positive impact on the environment while creating high-quality products that stand the test of time. Following the tremendous success of our first product, the Tangle Dog Lead, which we launched last year, we know that dog owners also want to make a difference. They love our products and have eagerly awaited the launch of our next product, the Tangle Dog Bowl.”

“These harmful ghost nets account for nearly half of all ocean plastics, needlessly endangering marine life. By creating our beautifully crafted dog products from recycled nets, Tangle helps animal lovers save marine life in the oceans. We are now on track to prevent 526 tennis courts’ worth (137,800 sqm) of fishing nets from becoming ghost nets this year.”

Tangle has also partnered with Ghost Fishing UK, a charity dedicated to removing abandoned and lost fishing gear from UK waters. Xavier expresses appreciation for the collaboration, stating, “We’re proud that each product sold supports this remarkable charity. The team at Ghost Fishing UK works tirelessly to eliminate these silent killers from our oceans, and we want to contribute in any way we can.”

The Tangle Dog Bowl, available from July 1st on www.tanglemission.com, is a stylish, lightweight, and durable addition to any home. The medium-sized teal marble-effect bowl showcases the natural colour of the recycled fishing nets it is made from and is suitable for water or kibble. The thick non-slip ring around the base of the bowl ensures a mess-free mealtime. The Tangle Dog Bowl is priced at £29.99, including postage and packaging.

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