Anticipating the Grand Depart of the Tour of Britain in Altrincham: Unveiling the Distinctive ‘Divorce Bike’

In anticipation of the Tour of Britain’s Grand Depart, the town of Altrincham is abuzz with excitement, poised to play host to the prestigious event. Notably, Lund Bennett Law, an Altrincham-based business, has taken this opportunity to craft an unconventional marvel dubbed the ‘Divorce Bike.’

Diverging from the conventional norms, the Divorce Bike is a tandem-style bicycle graced with a unique twist. Its distinctive feature lies in the opposing orientations of its handlebars, a visual representation of a relationship straining in different directions. The thought-provoking question posed by their marketing campaign is, “Is your partnership navigating divergent paths?”

The conception of the Divorce Bike is a living embodiment of Lund Bennett’s recent advertising campaign. This innovative endeavor was sparked by a local competition initiated by the Altrincham Business District. The challenge was extended to every retailer in the town, urging them to commission bespoke bicycle designs that mirror their respective businesses.

Kirsten Bennett, the Managing Partner of Lund Bennett, eloquently elucidated the motive behind their creation: “We are a proud Altrincham and Manchester business and always welcome the opportunity to engage with our local community.” The creativity and innovation inherent within the Lund Bennett team resonate profoundly in their approach, notably manifesting in their distinguished service quality offered to their esteemed clientele.

Looking forward to the impending event, Kirsten Bennett expressed her support for the participants, “Our team at Lund Bennett are creative and innovative in our approach and this is keenly reflected in our first-rate service levels for our clients.  We wish all the competitors the best of luck for this weekend and we will be cheering them on from our ‘divorce bike’ en route!”

For those seeking legal counsel in matters of family law, the door to consultation with the Lund Bennett team is open. They can be reached at 0161 924 0079 or via email at, eager to extend their expertise and guidance.

Amidst the vibrant fervor surrounding the Tour of Britain’s imminent commencement, the Divorce Bike stands as a symbol of Altrincham’s innovation and individuality, inviting contemplation and dialogue about the intricate paths of human relationships.

Sam Allcock

Sam Allcock is the founder of PR Fire. He helps small to medium-sized businesses land coverage in publications through smart press release distribution.

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