Model and TV star Monique Jeremiah Ends Two-year Celibacy and Boosts Libido with Sensuous Frenzy Gel

TV star and model, Monique Jeremiah, has boosted her libido with the help of Sensuous frenzy gel after two years of celibacy. Monique was a former contestant on the Australian TV series Farmer Wants A Wife and is a successful entrepreneur.

In 2021, Monique made the decision to deliberately put her libido on hold to focus on her business. “It was unusual at first, but I became accustomed to not noticing men anymore and not having any sexual interest in others,” she explained.

However, her libido is now back in full swing, thanks to a product she calls a “miracle”—Frenzy gel by Sensuous. Recommended by a friend and costing just $25 (AUD), Monique found her drive returned almost instantaneously after use.

According to its creators, Sensuous, the gel aims to give a “warm and tingling sensation… to increase sexual desire and heighten female orgasms.”

Previously making headlines for “hotbedding”—a unique venture where she rented out her side of the bed to strangers—Monique clarified that this was strictly a business move and maintained her celibacy throughout.

Now, with her libido reignited, Monique is on a quest for a romantic partner who matches her criteria. “I know what I’m looking for in a man; someone with old-school values and a desire to settle down,” she stated. Feeling empowered, she’s actively on the hunt, even attending high-profile events like the F1 in Singapore.

For more information about Sensuous Frenzy Gel, visit the Sensuous Official Website.

Lauren Redford

Lauren Redford is a passionate digital marketer with a background in English Literature.

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