ROARLABS Debuts Cutting-Edge Vaping Products with Selecta JJ and Mercston

ROARLABS, an innovative urban lifestyle services company focusing on smoking cessation, is excited to announce its official launch event on January 6th, 2024, at 1-3 Mare Street, London, starting from 12pm.

This landmark event will feature a DJ set by Selecta JJ and live performances from Mercston, celebrating the company’s significant strides in developing responsible solutions for smoking and smokeless tobacco use.

The launch will showcase interactive features including an innovation stand for consumer feedback, a carbon monoxide smoking status booth, flavour testing areas, and product sampling opportunities.

Originating from East London, ROARLABS was established with a vision to promote a health-conscious, environmentally friendly, and socially enjoyable lifestyle, free from stigma.

Co-Founders Beau Keefe, known as Beau the Beard, and industry expert Rob Harvey will headline the event.

Rob Harvey, CEO and Co-Founder, expressed, “We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to lead healthier, tobacco-free lives. As we grow, our mission endures – to empower individuals towards healthier, tobacco-free lives while promoting equality and inclusivity for all.”

ROARLABS is focused on addressing health inequality and fostering a world where lifestyle choices support longevity. The company aims to bridge the gap in communication and awareness, providing inclusive and safer alternatives for the community.

Central to ROARLABS’ innovation is a unique modular cardboard pod system with a removable battery, offering a user-friendly and sustainable option for those seeking to quit combustible and smokeless tobacco. This eco-conscious product is the first of its kind to be carbon footprint labelled and is fully recyclable, featuring a cardboard casing with food-grade silicone parts.

Committed to tobacco and betel nut cessation through a community-focused approach, ROARLABS is set to make a global impact.

Join the celebration of ROARLABS’ launch on January 6th, 2024, at 1 Mare Street, London, and be a part of shaping a healthier, more inclusive future.

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