(IN SPIRIT + TRUTH EP) AVAILABLE NOW! Watch ‘Soundtrack 1’ Official Video on YouTube: “Silent unknown – LOW”

‘Silent unknown’ has unveiled his groundbreaking debut EP, ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH’, a seminal work hailed as the first of its kind in our era. Alongside the release, fans can immerse themselves in the ‘Soundtrack 1’ official video titled “LOW”. This project sees ‘Silent unknown’ defying societal conventions and venturing onto an untrodden path, a feat that demands immense bravery. “if you don’t stand up for what you believe in, What are you living for?” -Silent unknown.

Originating from London, ‘Silent unknown’ traversed various life paths before embracing the unrivalled fulfilment found in ‘JESUS CHRIST’. Previously a reflection of his surroundings, his latest work elevates worship to unprecedented heights. ‘Silent unknown’ has taken a hands-on approach to this project, overseeing its branding, production, publishing, distribution, and editing, thereby revolutionising the music industry’s framework. His commitment to self-reliance as an artist underscores a profound wisdom, distinguishing him as a visionary Congolese British artist.

The EP features a collection of seven tracks, cumulatively lasting around 21 minutes, and is complemented by two additional music videos set to premiere on YouTube, including ‘Soundtrack 2’ “STRONG” and ‘Soundtrack 3’ “STORM”.

The debut video aims to uplift those grappling with profound despair, offering solace and encouragement to persevere. The subsequent video aims to empower the downtrodden by pointing them towards a source of strength, showcasing a level of creativity and artistry that transcends conventional boundaries.

The final video marks a pivotal moment, blending emotive lyrics with cinematic visuals, encapsulating ‘Silent unknown’s transformation from turmoil to triumph through faith in ‘CHRIST’. “Turning my life around would never have been possible until I submitted my life to ‘CHRIST’.”

‘Silent unknown’ is now poised to disrupt the music industry and challenge the status quo. When queried about the essence of ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH’, he elucidated that it embodies the pure, heartfelt adoration of ‘JESUS CHRIST’, the fountain of life, through sincere and authentic expression, making it not just music, but the very essence of his existence.

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