Kris James Unveils New Single in Groundbreaking AI Multi-Language Editions

Liverpool’s own singer-songwriter Kris James is broadening his musical horizons with the launch of his latest single “Forever Forever“. In a novel approach, the song has been released not only in English but also in Japanese and German versions, all featuring Kris’ own vocals. This innovative venture is the result of a partnership with the pioneering AI music translation firm,

Kris’ decision to release “Forever Forever” in multiple languages is driven by his ambition to forge a stronger connection with his international fan base, breaking down language barriers and sharing his heartfelt narratives and melodious tunes with a broader audience worldwide. The AI-assisted translations preserve the emotional resonance and lyrical fidelity of the song, providing listeners with a distinctive experience in Japanese and German.

Kris expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “When the opportunity presented itself for me to have multiple language versions of this release, I jumped at the chance. This is something I haven’t seen other artists do yet, so I feel like I’m one of the pioneers in this space.”

“Forever Forever” weaves a captivating narrative of eternal love, soulmate connections, and the profound longing for an everlasting bond. It delves into the essence of being deeply known by another, and the yearning for that connection to transcend time. Kris added: “Inspired by my own personal journey, which, after a decade of solitude, found what was believed to be a timeless love, only for it to unravel, this track stands as a bittersweet homage to idealists and romantics”.

The song acknowledges the reality that profound connections can sometimes be fleeting, yet it holds onto the undying hope for an everlasting love. Celebrating the boundless possibilities of love, it stands as a tribute to the allure and heartbreak of pursuing a love that defies time. “Forever Forever” is more than a song—it is an anthem for those brave enough to love passionately, dream without limits, and value the concept of a love that endures a lifetime and beyond.

Kris’s musical odyssey has always been deeply personal. His early love for soul music, exemplified by his performances of classics like Otis Redding’s ‘Dock of the Bay’, laid the foundation for his commitment to emotive songwriting. He has dedicated his formative years to honing his skills, inspired by the goal of conveying his narratives through music and live performances, which have included opening for artists such as Will Young and Anastacia.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Kris is also the founder of Amanzzo, an upscale eco-friendly menswear label, which has recently introduced its debut swimwear line.

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