Genesis Debuts X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept Car

Genesis has unveiled its latest creation, the X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept, at the Gran Turismo World Series World Finals in Barcelona, Spain. This concept car, part of Polyphony Digital’s Vision Gran Turismo series, will be available in the game starting January 2024.

The 2024 X Gran Berlinetta VGT Concept is a testament to the Genesis brand’s “Athletic Elegance” design philosophy, representing its most emotionally expressive interpretation yet. Originating from a design study, this concept showcases Genesis’ dedication and enthusiasm for the Vision Gran Turismo series.

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Featuring a design that is both pure and muscular, the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta VGT Concept focuses on volumes around the wheels, exemplifying a cab-backward proportion. It reflects Genesis’ distinctive design approach, structured around a theoretical parabolic tension, a common element in the Genesis model lineup. The car’s design emphasizes an extended dash-to-axle ratio, shifting the driver and powertrain towards the rear, aligning with a mid-engine configuration.

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The car’s Magma colour theme further underlines its dynamic nature. This bold colour choice is inspired by Korea’s volcanic landscapes and the vibrancy of Korean culture, resonating with the brand’s “Distinctly Korean” ethos.

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Aerodynamics played a crucial role in the design process, with the Genesis team striving for high performance through aerodynamic efficiency. The X Gran Berlinetta VGT Concept boasts a drag coefficient of just 0.34, which is achieved by integrating aerodynamic aids and managing internal and laminar flows.

Gran Turismo 7 enthusiasts can look forward to early access to this concept car. By watching the Manufacturer’s Cup broadcast in GT7 and clicking the campaign banner on the GT7 world map screen from December 2nd, 19:00 CET, players can have the car delivered to their in-game garage in the January update.

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This unveiling marks a significant milestone for Genesis, blending automotive design innovation with virtual racing experiences.


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