Jackass Star Steve-O Unveils Unique Offering: Voodoo Dolls Infused with His Own Hair

Steve-O, renowned for his antics on Jackass, has taken an unusual step by offering voodoo dolls containing his actual hair for sale.

Teaming up with Liquid Death, a canned water company, Steve-O has introduced these distinctive items to the market.

Reportedly activated by a genuine witch doctor, these 6-inch tall dolls are believed to transmit sensations to Steve-O corresponding to any actions performed on them.

Liquid Death is retailing these peculiar creations for £135 each, with a limit of two dolls per customer.

Steve-O, the daredevil stuntman at 49, shared, “I’m excited to present my first venture into the supernatural. Liquid Death is utilizing my hair to craft authentic voodoo dolls in my likeness, available for anyone to purchase. And these dolls have been consecrated by a bona fide voodoo practitioner—a witch doctor.”

Daniel Murphy, a member of Liquid Death’s marketing team, humorously remarked, “I never thought I’d be involved with dolls again. Interested in becoming a part of Steve-O’s inaugural supernatural endeavor? Well, now you have the chance! Introducing the Liquid Death All-Natural Steve-O Voodoo Doll. Each doll contains a small pouch of Steve-O’s hair, carefully placed by a real witch doctor. This means that any action you perform on the doll will be genuinely sensed by Steve-O.”

The Liquid Death website provides further details, stating, “Crafted entirely by hand, these voodoo dolls are authentically made. As a result, appearances may naturally vary. Caution: Interactions with the doll may not be safe for Steve-O.”

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