SUV Perilously Perched Over Parking Garage Ledge Post Wall Collision

An SUV found itself in a precarious position, its front end suspended in the air, after crashing through a car park wall.

The silver Toyota was recorded moving at a slow pace in the multi-storey facility.

However, the vehicle abruptly veered into the concrete barrier.

As a result, its front wheels were left hanging perilously over the ledge.

The rear of the vehicle even lifted off the ground momentarily before settling, with the vehicle suspended at a height equivalent to at least eight stories.

The collision caused the wall to crumble, leaving the vehicle stranded in its precarious position.

Remarkably, there were no reported injuries from the incident, which occurred in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on 23 September.

This car park is situated atop a luxury structure in the city.

After a detailed inspection on 25 September, authorities stated that the structure did not sustain significant damage.

They assured that necessary repairs and reinforcements, including the installation of metal barriers throughout the parking area, will be undertaken.

At this time, it remains uncertain whether the driver will face legal consequences for the damage inflicted on the wall.

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