Tragic Shooting of 14-Year-Old TikToker Following Arranged Marriage Sparks Investigation in Brazil

In a heartbreaking incident, a 14-year-old TikToker, Hyara Flor Santos Alves, was fatally shot just two months after her arranged marriage. With a following of 18,000 online users, she regularly shared content on the platform.

The young girl, who hails from the gypsy community, suffered a close-range gunshot to her throat. Locals rushed her to a nearby hospital, but tragically, she did not survive.

Hyara had tied the knot with a 14-year-old boy in May, but her life was cut short in a rural area of Guaratinga, located northeast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 6 July. As of now, three suspects connected to the incident are on the run.

Authorities have been actively investigating the case, considering it as femicide. A 380-calibre pistol with two magazines and ammunition were discovered at the scene and have been sent for forensic examination, providing crucial evidence in the ongoing investigation.

Notably, the legal age for marriage in Brazil is 18, making Hyara’s marriage legally invalid. The tragic event has drawn attention to the importance of protecting young individuals from forced or underage marriages.

Despite the heartache, Hyara’s family remains resolute in seeking justice for her untimely death. Her uncle has expressed their determination to pursue justice and ensure that those responsible for her murder face the full force of the law.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities continue to gather evidence and work towards bringing those accountable to justice. The community mourns the loss of a young life and demands that justice be served for this heinous act.

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