5 Ways to Pamper Your Beloved Pets

Celebrate National Pet Month by indulging your furry companions with their favorite toys, treats, and activities. May provides the perfect opportunity for families to shower their pets with love and attention. Americans are known for their dedication to their pets, with pet parents increasingly prioritizing their pets’ well-being and lifestyle. In fact, in 2022 alone, Americans spent over $136 billion on their beloved furry friends, reflecting a more than 10% increase from the previous year, according to the American Pet Products Association.

During National Pet Month, Walmart Pet can be your go-to destination for all your pet parenting needs. With a wide range of products, from pet food to apparel and toys, Walmart Pet offers numerous deals and discounts for you to celebrate this special month with your furry companions.

  1. Embrace the Outdoors Take advantage of the pleasant weather and spend quality time outdoors with your pets. Whether it’s going for a walk, visiting a dog park, or simply playing in the backyard, outdoor activities offer engaging and enjoyable experiences for your pets. Join in the fun by playing a game of fetch with their favorite ball or toy, creating lasting memories while staying active together.
  2. Treat Them to Their Favorite Food Providing your dog with the best possible nutrition is crucial. Consider opting for fresh dog food, which has gained popularity among pet parents. Brands like Pure Balance Pro+ offer veterinary-formulated options that are both healthy and affordable, ensuring your pups stay satisfied and nourished.
  3. Arrange a Play Date Invite a friend or family member who also has a furry companion for a play date. It’s an excellent opportunity for your pet to interact and play with another animal while you catch up with your loved ones. Whether you’re in the backyard or at a dog park, create a memorable experience for your pets by setting up an obstacle course or offering a variety of toys for them to enjoy together.

  1. Support a Worthy Cause Celebrate your pet while also making a positive impact on other animals in need. Explore Best Friends Animal Society’s collection of pet gear, apparel, toys, and accessories, available exclusively on Walmart.com. By making a purchase, you contribute to the nonprofit organization’s mission of achieving a no-kill status for all shelters by 2025. Additionally, Walmart offers the Spark Good Round Up feature at checkout, allowing you to donate to over 500 pet charities, spreading the love for pets even further.
  2. Prioritize their Health and Happiness The well-being of your pets should always be a top priority. Stay proactive in maintaining their health by exploring innovative cat litter options available in the cat aisle. Certain products feature crystals that change color when detecting potential medical issues, making it easier for you to monitor your cat’s well-being and provide necessary care.

For more ideas on how to pamper your furry family members during National Pet Month, visit Walmart.com/PetSupplies.

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