Astonishing £3.6M Mansion Unearthed: Indoor Pool, Private Theatre, and Remnants of Children’s Playthings

An intrepid urban explorer has unveiled mesmerizing footage of an abandoned mansion adorned with children’s toys and vacant chambers.

Kaizer Glick, a dedicated journalist and avid adventurer, recently achieved online stardom by sharing a video showcasing a grand estate in Highland Park, Illinois, USA, discovered with the help of local sources.

With a loyal subscriber base of 40,000, Kaizer offered a glimpse into the £3.6 million ($4.5 million) edifice through his YouTube channel.

The video commences with striking visuals of the mansion’s exterior, nestled amidst enigmatic, shadowy terrain and adjacent to a serene lake, imbuing the residence with an eerie aura.

“This would unequivocally be my dream abode if I were to choose any of the homes I’ve explored,” expressed Kaizer, hailing from Chicago, in an interview with

He continued, “As I ventured inside, the most captivating aspect was the abundance of mirrors and marble. They exuded an enthralling ambience, akin to that of a vibrant party house.”

“The main room, overlooking the lake, commanded attention with its expansive dimensions and captivating allure,” he added.

Kaizer meticulously documented the house’s impressive amenities, including an indoor pool, a private cinema, a wine cellar, a vault, and a fitness room.

The clips showcase the mansion’s awe-inspiring, vast exterior, featuring numerous windows and an elongated driveway.

Subsequently, Kaizer is observed entering the premises through an unlocked back door.

The video proceeds to unveil the entrance hall and principal chambers, all adorned with exquisite marble finishes and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Additionally, he showcases the balconies, children’s bedrooms replete with glimpses of Lego bricks, and the majestic lobby, adorned with marble floors and walls.

The breathtaking swimming pool appears in impeccable condition, though conspicuously devoid of water.

Descending into the basement, Kaizer also uncovers an indoor theatre equipped with an expansive screen, reminiscent of a cinema.

“During my exploration, although I regrettably neglected to capture it on film, I noticed Hebrew inscriptions adorning the walls,” Kaizer shared. “Highland Park is predominantly inhabited by the Jewish community.”

To his delight, a man of similar age commented on his video, humorously claiming ownership of the Legos Kaizer encountered. Fascinated, Kaizer reached out to the individual and confirmed his authenticity.

Further investigation into the mansion’s history revealed its construction in 1990 and a recent sale in 2022 for $4.5 million (£3,569,175). Tragically, the mansion has since been razed to the ground.

Kaizer lamented, “It has already been demolished. I witnessed its destruction firsthand, accompanying the demolition crew. The new owner is an amiable individual with plans to erect a bespoke mansion according to his preferences, replacing the former structure.”

“Construction is currently underway, eradicating any trace of the past,” he continued. “I was particularly astounded by the mansion’s youthfulness prior to demolition. Although the demolition team salvaged the furniture and metal components, witnessing the destruction of a mansion that had stood for a mere two decades was truly shocking. They diligently salvaged what they could within the time frame.”

Following its upload on YouTube, the castle footage promptly went viral, accumulating 8,900 views, along with a multitude of likes and comments.

Sandra expressed her dismay, commenting, “I’ll never comprehend the rationale behind demolishing such a splendid residence. It’s simply preposterous.”

Nicole reminisced, saying, “During my formative years, I was friends with one of the sons, and we shared countless cherished memories in that house! If you could have witnessed its glory days, you would have been awestruck.”

Another viewer added, “Absolutely mesmerizing! It’s truly heart-wrenching to see such a remarkable mansion meet its demise. The view was simply spectacular. As a Chicago native, I have never encountered a mansion of this calibre.”

Similarly captivated, another commenter wrote, “Absolutely breathtaking! It’s a tragic loss that this magnificent place is being demolished.”

Sarah concurred, saying, “It’s saddening to witness the destruction of that property. It possessed an undeniable beauty.”

As an urban explorer, Kaizer’s enthralling documentation of this abandoned mansion has not only captivated audiences but also ignited a poignant conversation about the fate of architectural marvels. The allure and grandeur of such forgotten treasures continue to fascinate us, while their eventual demise leaves us yearning for the preservation of these extraordinary spaces.

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