KOMODER UK To Launch Huge Black Friday Sale On Massage Chairs

Komoder, a renowned brand known for its exceptional massage chairs, is gearing up for a spectacular Black Friday sale in London, UK, on November 24th, 2023. Black Friday is a highly anticipated shopping event known for offering substantial discounts on various products, and Komoder is no exception.

The brand takes its Black Friday preparations seriously, starting well in advance. Planning for this remarkable day begins a year before Black Friday, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing a seamless and efficient shopping experience for its customers, both online and in physical showrooms. This early preparation allows Komoder to ensure that its customers can take full advantage of the discounts and offers available on Black Friday.

As Black Friday approaches, customers can look forward to significant savings on Komoder’s exceptional massage chairs and other products, making it an excellent opportunity to invest in high-quality relaxation and comfort.

“We start planning as early as a year before the Black Friday period begins,” said Adrian Rus, Owner at Komoder. “This means that we put the first ideas on paper as soon as the previous campaign has ended, and we draw all the necessary conclusions.”

Discounts Online and In-Store

Komoder customers will have the opportunity to enjoy these exclusive discounts both online and in-store. The brand encourages customers to visit their showrooms for a personalised shopping experience, with their expert team on hand to assist with any inquiries.

Early-Bird Specials

Komoder values its early-bird customers and offers them the same discounts, whether they purchase online or in-store. To communicate these discounts, the company sends out a special newsletter inviting customers to subscribe. Subscribers can reserve their desired products, ensuring they secure their items at the start of the campaign, which can be crucial given the limited stock during promotional events.

Significant Savings

“Komoder massage chair prices drop significantly on Black Friday,” said Adrian. “Some products are discounted by up to 30%, making this a fantastic opportunity for our customers. Overall, discounts range between 15% and 30%, making it an attractive time to invest in our products.”

Anticipating Increased Sales

Based on their track record, Komoder expects to see a surge in sales this Black Friday. Their efforts in communicating the arrival of new models and the established reputation for quality products contribute to this anticipated success.

“As for the percentage increase in sales during this period compared to a regular time of the year, it is difficult to determine, as sales can vary greatly,” commented Adrian. “They may increase by 200% or even by 300%. Therefore, these are extremely busy days for us and for the customers we assist.”

A Global Event

The Black Friday campaign will take place simultaneously across all European subsidiaries of Komoder, creating a unified shopping experience for customers across various markets.

Multiple Discount Periods

In addition to Black Friday, Komoder offers specific discount periods throughout the year for selected products. These discounts align with significant events in the calendar, including Christmas, Cyber Monday, and Easter, providing customers with multiple opportunities to enjoy savings.

Black Friday Dominance

“Black Friday is the period when most companies experience the highest sales,” stated Adrian. “This is the result of year-long efforts and intense activity. Our approach is based on a year-long calculation, and we are confident that our strategy will deliver exceptional results once again.”

For more information about Komoder’s Black Friday offers and their range of massage chairs, please visit https://www.komoder.co.uk/black-friday 

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