Bluewater Unveils Innovative Water Wall Hydration Stations at The 151st Open to Promote Sustainability and Refreshment at Royal Liverpool

The 151st Open, golf’s prestigious major championship, has teed off at England’s renowned Royal Liverpool Golf Club, offering more than just thrilling golf action. Sweden’s leading water purification and beverage solutions provider, Bluewater, has joined hands with The R&A, organisers of The Open, to introduce a remarkable addition for golf enthusiasts and sports fans alike: two mega-sized Water Wall hydration stations that revolutionise the way visitors quench their thirst during this major event.

Saying farewell to single-use plastic bottles, Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri expressed excitement for the unforgettable experience awaiting visitors at Royal Liverpool. The innovative Water Walls offer a sustainable and refreshing way to stay hydrated while enjoying world-class golf and cutting-edge hydration technology.

Bluewater’s commitment to sustainability and hydration excellence is evident through the deployment of two high-performing Water Walls and 16 other water stations throughout the venue. Thirsty spectators, players, staff, and volunteers can now refill their bottles with purified and chilled drinking water, avoiding the need for harmful single-use plastic bottles. Additionally, Bluewater has supplied customised stainless steel refillable bottles, available for purchase at the event.

The Water Wall hydration stations are specifically designed for premium events and venues, serving as mass dispensers while also acting as brand activation platforms. The Water Walls feature 55″ high-bright TV screens with customisable content, ensuring high-visibility hydration oases that complement The R&A’s dedication to environmental sustainability at The Open. This commitment resonates deeply with passionate golfers who appreciate the sport’s unique connection to the natural world.

The collaboration with Mastercard, an Official Patron of The Open, has been instrumental in the success of The Open Water Project. This visionary project, initiated by The R&A in partnership with Bluewater, eliminated single-use plastic water bottles at The Open, setting a precedent for other major sporting events worldwide. For each Bluewater stainless steel refillable bottle sold on-site, a portion of the revenue goes towards tree planting projects under the Priceless Planet Coalition. Mastercard founded the coalition to combat climate change by planting 100 million trees by 2025. At The Open, golf fans are encouraged to contribute to tree planting by donating through QR codes and tap-and-donate modules integrated within the Water Walls or directly via

Bengt Rittri expressed gratitude for The R&A’s commitment to sustainability and for setting a global example of innovative and planet-friendly solutions. Bluewater is proud to supply its industry-leading solutions to support this remarkable project, demonstrating that major events can prioritise sustainability without compromising convenience, taste, or commercial viability. The success of this initiative showcases that responsible hydration practices can flourish without relying on harmful single-use plastic bottles, contributing to a healthier planet.

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