Startling Encounter: Man Discovers Five-Foot Snake Behind Dirty Dishes

A man got the shock of his life when he discovered a five-foot-long snake lurking behind the dirty dishes as he was about to do the washing up.

After enjoying dinner with his family, the resident was confronted by the unexpected visitor. Seeking assistance, the man called upon local biologist Arturo Armenta for help.

Arturo identified the snake as a neotropical whip snake and confirmed that it measured 1.6 meters (5.3 feet) in length. When Arturo arrived at the house in Morelia City, Mexico, he found the reptile coiled up in the sink.

Fortunately, the neotropical whip snake is not considered dangerous to humans and posed no threat to the family.

Arturo safely captured the snake and released it in a nearby protected area on July 3.

The incident left locals startled, with one person commenting on the scare caused by the unexpected encounter. Others expressed their surprise and concern about the destruction of vegetation in the hills, which leads to such wildlife incidents.

Curiosity arose about the potential effects of a bite from a non-poisonous whip snake. Arturo reassured that the bite is not painful, comparing it to a minor prick. The snake’s teeth are thin, allowing the puncture wound to close within seconds. The bite area may exhibit slight inflammation, but washing it with soap and clean water, followed by the application of antibacterial gel, is sufficient for care.

Arturo also reminded residents that snakes often seek warm and dry shelter during the rainy season, which starts in June. He advised against attacking snakes or attempting to handle them without being certain of the species. In case of uncertainty, residents should contact emergency services or the environmental authority PROFEPA for professional assistance.

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