Father Embarks on Unconventional 100-Day Challenge, Dining Exclusively on Raw Meat

Pauly Long, previously nicknamed the “Testicle King” for his controversial eating habits, has once again left TikTok users in awe with his latest endeavor – a 100-day journey of consuming solely raw steak.

Pauly Long first gained notoriety for his eccentric culinary choices, which include indulging in raw animal delicacies such as hearts, testicles, and tongues.

In his earlier years, his diet was a mix of cooked meats and vegetables. However, five years ago, due to persistent stomach issues, he recognized the need for a radical change.

Today, up to 90% of his daily sustenance comprises uncooked animal products. In his most recent challenge, Pauly, a content creator, embraced a new feat – consuming raw steak for an entire 100 days.

Dad chows down on RAW meat for 100 days in bizarre challenge

The 30-year-old asserts that this diet has significantly enhanced his digestive system, boosted his energy levels, and improved his overall mood.

“I was curious to experiment and gauge the effects on my well-being, while also demonstrating to the public that consuming raw meat is perfectly safe,” he affirmed in an interview with http://NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“My routine involved one raw steak daily, and I allowed myself the flexibility to choose between cooking or eating another steak raw for my additional meals.

“I harbored no apprehensions regarding this challenge because I possess a profound understanding of the tremendous benefits that high-quality raw meat can offer to the body.

“The most prominent transformations I noticed were in my digestion and energy levels.

“Raw meat is exceptionally conducive to digestion since it retains its pristine state, free from any degradation of enzymes or nutrients through heat.

“I began experiencing the most significant improvements around day 30, with each passing day bringing a noticeable enhancement – excellent energy, superior digestion, and an overall sense of well-being after consuming raw meals.”

In a recent video that garnered over 870,000 views and 40,000 likes, Pauly is captured relishing homemade steak tartare on day 97 of his challenge.

Viewers were quick to express a combination of shock and fascination toward his raw meat regimen.

One individual exclaimed, “HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD DUDE?” [sic]

Another pondered, “How does this man not fall ill..?”

Tati chimed in, saying, “I’m astounded he’s still alive. Sorry.” [sic]

Kris added, “How does his stomach endure this raw diet for such an extended period?”

Kari quipped, “It’s still practically mooing.”

Pauly responded to the skepticism, stating, “People often speculate that I will fall ill or meet my demise due to parasites and such.

“I’ve grown so accustomed to it that I scarcely pay attention anymore.

“Of course, everyone deems me eccentric, and throughout the challenge, there were constant assertions that I would become unwell or meet my end. But, for me, it’s simply a form of entertainment.

“It doesn’t faze me in the slightest because life is an incredible journey.

“I encountered no complications from consuming raw meat, only occasional issues stemming from certain cooked foods and spicy dishes that didn’t agree with me.

“I opted for reasonably priced steak on a daily basis.

“My primary objective was to demonstrate that I remained in robust health afterward.

“We have the capability to consume raw meat, and, in fact, I believe humans thrive on such a diet.

“I blend a fusion of raw and cooked dishes because I have a deep appreciation for fine cuisine and relish dining out, yet overall, a raw diet yields the most favorable results for me.

“I harbored no doubts about it, given my comprehensive comprehension of the remarkable benefits that high-quality raw meat can bestow upon the body.”

For those contemplating following in his footsteps, Pauly, who currently resides in Bali, Indonesia, offers some guidance.

The 30-year-old advises, “Source your meat from a reputable butcher or supplier.

“Ensure it remains frozen for a few days to eliminate any potential bacteria or parasites.

“Take the time to conduct research and familiarize yourself with the advantages and precautions associated with this dietary choice.”

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