Tourist Accidentally Captures UFO in Selfie at Sand Dunes

A tourist unknowingly captured a UFO in the background while taking a selfie at the sand dunes in the desert. Ramiro Navarro, visiting the Dunes of Bilbao in Coahuila, Mexico, took the photo but didn’t notice the mysterious object until several weeks later.

Sharing the image, Navarro playfully remarked, “They saw me and did not take me away,” inviting speculation about the unidentified flying object seen on the horizon.

Locals chimed in with their comments, with one person exclaiming, “UFO, of course!” Another person humorously said, “Take me away cousin.” Reports surfaced of other sightings in nearby areas, adding to the intrigue surrounding the photograph.

In a separate incident in April, a peculiar fetus resembling a goblin was allegedly discovered in a disused warehouse in Santa María Regla, northeast of Mexico City. The mummified remains, believed to be from a “goblin or a nagual” (a shape-shifting figure in Mesoamerican mythology), are currently on display at the Goblin Museum in Huasca de Ocampo.

The small-bodied creature with disfigured features, including a pronounced nose, claws, and a tail, has piqued interest in the region known for its legends associated with goblins, naguals, and other mythical entities. The mayor of Huasca de Ocampo acknowledged the cultural and social significance of the finding due to the local fascination with mystical folklore.

The UFO sighting and the goblin-like fetus discovery have stirred curiosity and ignited discussions around the supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomena, adding to the mysterious allure of the area.

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