KYND Launches a New Internal Security Capability to Boost Firms’ Ability to Control Cyber Risk

London, UK. 24th October 2023 – A pioneer in the field of cyber risk management, KYND Limited is proud to introduce the brand-new Internal Security feature in its popular KYND ON product, which is used by businesses all over the world. This effective new feature gives both an internal and an external view of an organization’s security posture. It also makes it easier to detect any areas of risk or exposure and to prioritise mitigating actions to improve cyber resilience. 

As cyber attacks targeting the corporate sector are growing in frequency and complexity, businesses need clear visibility into their exposure – the kind that originates from both within and outside their organisations – to protect against cyber risks in today’s high-threat environment. KYND ON, as part of its goal to make cyber risks easier to understand and manage, now employs the new Internal Security feature to deliver an unprecedented view into organisations’ internal security posture, all without enduring time-consuming assessments. By simply completing some straightforward questions about their security processes and policies within the KYND ON dashboard, internal vulnerability insights are instantly incorporated into organisations’ overall risk assessments alongside prioritised, clear recommendations to remediate issues.

As well as being available for KYND ON customers, these instant, comprehensive exposure insights can also be utilised by portfolio managers, enabling them to easily identify high-risk organisations within their portfolio, allocate resources effectively, and have all of this valuable information conveniently in one place within the ON platform, facilitating efficient communication among all parties.

Andy Thomas, CEO of KYND, said, “At KYND, we’ve always believed that cyber risk is not solely an IT problem, but rather a business risk that necessitates a holistic, proactive approach spanning all levels of an organisation. This is precisely why KYND elevates cyber risk intelligence to a whole new level by empowering both portfolio managers and businesses to assess the complete spectrum of cyber risk. By combining its powerful external scanning data and deeper insights into internal security controls within an organisation, KYND enables our partners and their clients to unlock faster threat identification, prioritisation and remediation, and drive confident, well-informed decisions about cyber risk.” 

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