Detego Global Unveils Groundbreaking AI Technology for Swift Facial Recognition and Search

Detego Global has unveiled state-of-the-art AI-powered capabilities for face recognition and semantic search within its renowned investigative analytics platform, Detego Analyse AI+. These groundbreaking features empower investigators to swiftly construct face recognition watchlists, identify individuals of interest at twice the speed of industry standards, and fine-tune searches to pinpoint persons in specific locations, engaged in particular activities, holding relevant objects, or exhibiting specific emotions.

With Detego Analyse AI+’s face recognition functionality, investigators can effortlessly upload and manage images of suspects, witnesses, victims, and other individuals of interest to create customised watchlists. When employed on a standard computer or laptop, Detego Analyse AI+ can identify over ten faces per second, making it twice as fast as the majority of available solutions for investigators.

Andy Lister, Managing Director at Detego Global, commented on these new features, saying, “Our new face recognition and semantic search capabilities are true force multipliers for investigators in the military, law enforcement and corporate sectors. In addition to helping investigators pinpoint persons of interest within large volumes of videos and images, these features let teams search for more granular concepts such as a suspect pointing a gun at another person, distressed children or even suspects with specific tattoos loading people into boats.”

This latest release further enhances Detego Analyse AI+’s groundbreaking AI capabilities, which include similar image detection, live translation and transcription of audio/video files, object detection, and optical character recognition in multiple languages, among other features.

The release also introduces a set of enhancements designed to streamline digital forensics and incident response by:

  • Rapidly extracting data from Virtual Hard Disks
  • Conveniently importing and accessing data from Advanced Forensic Files (AFF4)
  • Effortlessly gaining insights into and extracting critical application configuration data from internet browsers, CCleaner, and µTorrent
  • Simultaneously exporting exhibit data in multiple formats
  • Accelerating the filing, sorting, and browsing of evidence with the revamped Evidence Browser
  • Directly importing, exporting, and analysing data from Detego Global’s partner, MSAB’s innovative mobile forensics tools

Detego Analyse AI+ has recently been recognised as a finalist for the prestigious Security and Policing Innovation award in the UK, owing to its advanced use of AI, user-friendly interface, and workflow automation capabilities. It sets a new benchmark for comprehensive analysis and artificial intelligence in digital forensics.

While Analyse AI+ includes technology valued at thousands of dollars, Detego Global offers it completely free to any customer using the company’s leading forensic data extraction tools, including Ballistic Imager (the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool), Field Triage (a rapid forensics triage tool with patented technology), Media Acquisition (facilitating the rapid extraction of data from multiple sources), and Detego MD (the mobile forensic tool powered by GMDSOFT, providing insights from tens of thousands of phones, apps, smart devices, and more).

Mike Bates, Detego Global’s Technical Sales Engineer and a former senior investigator with nearly three decades of experience in law enforcement, stated, “We are excited to put this innovative technology into the hands of investigators worldwide. These capabilities will undoubtedly help shorten investigation timelines and eliminate data siloes and backlogs that hinder the delivery of justice.”

“This release builds on our commitment to helping lab and field-based investigators worldwide,” added Managing Director Andy Lister.

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