Collaborates with Vi to Provide Advanced Mobile Identity Solutions

This strategic alliance is aimed at delivering a highly secure digital user journey and an enriched customer encounter.

India finds itself amidst a profound digital transformation driven by the burgeoning penetration of smartphones and mobile internet. As indicated by numerous industry assessments, India stands as one of the preeminent markets globally, boasting a substantial volume of app downloads spanning diverse categories and a surge in mobile transactions. However, a comprehensive study conducted by the mobile security testing platform, Appknox, has sounded an alarm by revealing that approximately 75 percent of the top 100 Android applications harbor security vulnerabilities due to inadequacies in protective measures. This glaring issue poses a substantial obstacle to realising the visionary Digital India initiative.

In light of this prevailing landscape and the collective aspiration to forge a brighter future, Vi, the eminent telecommunications leader, has embarked on a partnership with, a renowned global purveyor of mobile data. Their collective objective is to furnish Mobile Identity Services leveraging the Sekura API Framework (SAFr), thereby granting Vi’s clientele an elevated mobile login experience. Furthermore, this collaboration encompasses authentication, verification, and the fortification against fraudulent activities.

This innovative solution is characterised by its simplicity, its elimination of passwords, seamlessness, and inclusivity. It extends its reach to a staggering +2.5 billion individuals and has garnered the trust of international identity providers and mobile network operators, offering a comprehensive package of mobile authentication, verification, and anti-fraud safeguards. delivers real-time and distinctive customer insights harnessed from mobile operators, catering to a diverse spectrum of entities such as global banks, fintech firms, cryptocurrency enterprises, and consumer brands, all through a singular API connection.

In response to this momentous partnership, Avneesh Khosla, the Chief Marketing Officer of Vi, remarked, “With the growing incidence and frequency of cyberattacks, the need for a password-less, SIM-based security, protection, and identification system has never been as critical and relevant as it is now. At Vi, we have always been conscious and cognisant of our customers’ security while at the same time providing a superlative digital user experience. It will further enable digital freedom for people in emerging economies and improve access to digital services regardless of technology. A truly ubiquitous trust solution on a global scale.”

Mark Harvey, the CEO of, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re delighted to be supporting Digital India’s rapid growth by working with the major carriers in India. We’re especially looking forward to working with Vodafone Idea, bringing new products to the Indian market such as a service that combats the huge problem of APP (Authorised Push Payment) fraud whilst continuing to innovate Mobile Identity by providing seamless and secure methods of authenticating as well as our well-known SAFr Auth, SIM Swap, Mobile to Person Matching services.”

Harnessing the combined strengths of both entities, this partnership is poised to enable Vi in rolling out pioneering mobile identity products and services to an expanded customer base, thereby contributing to making India a SAFr haven.

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