Genie AI Elevates SuperDrafter Editor with Significant Enhancements

Genie AI, a prominent player in the legaltech arena based in London, known for its innovative AI tools for document drafting, review, and negotiation, has announced significant upgrades to its SuperDrafter platform. These improvements are designed to make the legal document editing process more efficient and user-friendly.

It’s a well-known fact that approximately 90% of legal practitioners rely on Microsoft Word, a software that made its debut in 1983. However, as the trend of transitioning from Microsoft systems to Apple continues among lawyers, there’s a heightened demand for Microsoft Word substitutes that offer:

  • Compatibility with .docx files
  • Secure browser-based operation
  • Real-time collaboration features with clients

SuperDrafter is engineered to address these needs, incorporating an AI-powered legal assistant, and a comprehensive contract and clause library. Unlike the limited capabilities of AI extensions for Microsoft Word, SuperDrafter provides a robust, reliable workflow by controlling its foundational software. The new ‘Track Changes’ feature in SuperDrafter allows collaborators to comment on and discuss changes within the document, streamlining the editing process. This feature also enables one-click acceptance or rejection of changes, ensuring smooth communication flow. SuperDrafter’s latest upgrade includes the ability to recognise and import all styles from Microsoft Word documents, allowing easy style editing throughout the document.

Rafie Faruq, CEO and co-founder of Genie AI, states: “SuperDrafter is Genie’s flagship product – goodbye typewriter, hello intelligent drafting! Many companies continue to work on clunky Microsoft Word plugins, but we’re able to re-design the drafting and document review process specifically for legal needs – SuperDrafter is fully docx compatible and real-time collaborative.”

SuperDrafter has attracted over 40,000 users for drafting, editing, reviewing, and negotiating legal contracts since its public launch two years ago. Moreover, Genie AI has dedicated significant effort into developing the most sophisticated AI legal assistant and the world’s largest open-source legal library to date.

Discover More: To get in-depth information about SuperDrafter, read the comprehensive blog on Genie AI’s website.

Access the Newest Version: To trial Genie AI’s SuperDrafter and their AI Legal Assistant for free during its beta phase, sign up at or start by importing a document at

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