Resourceful Mum Shares Incredible Duct Tape Hack for Children’s Summer Toy

A resourceful mum has taken social media by storm with her ingenious hack for a children’s summer toy. Courtney Hinz, a 29-year-old stay-at-home mum, has become an internet sensation after sharing her simple yet brilliant idea of creating “sticky nature bracelets” using just duct tape. These do-it-yourself bracelets allow kids to make their own jewellery by attaching plants and flowers.

Courtney’s hacks, designed to keep little ones entertained for hours, have gained immense popularity on Instagram. Speaking to, she expressed how her children adore the bracelets, which have quickly become a staple in their household. Courtney said, “They love when I put one on myself and they can fill my bracelet up too. It’s so simple! Just get a piece of duct tape and wrap it around your child’s wrist with the sticky side facing out. As you’re outside or going for a walk, they can stick any of their findings to it, such as flowers, plants, or leaves.”

The idea behind these “sticky nature bracelets” emerged when Courtney sought a more convenient way for her children to collect treasures during their walks. She explained, “My toddlers love to collect things when we go on walks. We had previously made a cardboard square and put packing tape inside so they could stick their findings to it. Once I realized how successful our sticky boards were, I started brainstorming other ways that we could showcase our nature findings.”

In an engaging video shared on her Instagram account (@creativecuriosityy) and a Facebook parenting group, Courtney showcases how the bracelets work with the participation of her son and partner. The clip features everyone proudly displaying their duct tape bracelets, followed by shots of her son collecting his “treasures” and attaching them to his wrist.

The online community has responded with amazement to Courtney’s creative hack. Commenting on the idea, Leah exclaimed, “Gawd you’re so smart.” Anais expressed enthusiasm, saying, “This would be so cool with my nephews.” Heath praised the ingenuity, stating, “Such a creative idea!!!” Brianna shared her own approach, admitting, “I’d have never thought to do this! We’ve been using an old fanny pack – don’t judge me! – to collect our walk treasures!”

Courtney’s resourceful use of duct tape to create nature bracelets has struck a chord with parents seeking fun and inexpensive activities to engage their children. The simplicity of the concept encourages kids to explore the outdoors, fostering a deeper connection with nature. It is no wonder that her clever hack has gained widespread admiration and inspired many to embark on similar creative adventures.

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