Launch of Free Quality Standard for the Recruitment Industry Sets New Benchmark

The Guild of Quality Employment Agencies has made its debut in the UK, aiming to enhance standards and spotlight Recruitment and Employment agencies committed to advancing quality practices and raising industry benchmarks.

Chief Executive Joseph Willis has unveiled this pioneering initiative, underlining his motivation: “Nine years ago, I established my own recruitment business – Lastminute Care & Nursing. Initially focused on the Health & Social Care sector, it later expanded into a care provider role, which highlighted disparities in quality standards and compliance between the two areas of operation.

“I was resolute in aligning our recruitment and employment practices with our other business activities and the expectations of our end-user clients. This approach to maintaining quality standards has propelled us to establish multiple locations across the UK, with our 20th location on the horizon.”

Expressing his dedication to elevating standards in an unregulated recruitment domain, Joseph recognises the potential for a quality standard to distinguish his enterprise from those not equally committed to excellence. Simultaneously, he envisions the Guild as a platform for like-minded quality enthusiasts to participate and reap its benefits.

The Guild of Quality Employment Agencies operates under a free model, offering a universally applicable code of conduct and welcoming organisations of all sizes – without financial barriers. This approach intends to remove obstacles that often impede recruitment start-ups and individual recruiters from accessing quality standards and association memberships.

Joseph further explained: “Our anticipation lies in evolving Guild Members’ advantages by introducing networking and training events, valuable resources, inaugurating annual awards, and disseminating inspiring content. This includes business success stories and best practice counsel from accomplished recruitment industry experts, fostering an environment for information sharing to facilitate ongoing improvement.”

Interested parties seeking free membership within the guild can visit For additional details or to engage with the guild, inquiries can be directed to

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