Lexxic Launches Six New Neurodiversity e-Learning Modules to Empower Organizations and Individuals

Lexxic, a specialised psychological consultancy committed to fostering a world that recognises and appreciates the talents of neurodivergent individuals, has recently unveiled six cutting-edge neurodiversity e-Learning modules. These modules are designed to empower organisations and individuals alike, encouraging the embrace of neurodiversity and equipping neurodivergent individuals with the skills necessary to thrive in professional settings.

These individual skills e-Learning solutions are easily adaptable for organisations and teams of all sizes, offering a cost-effective means of training employees. This, in turn, can help neurodivergent individuals harness their strengths and eliminate barriers to their success.

Developed by a team of psychologists and neurodivergent individuals with over 15 years of experience in the neurodiversity field, these CPD accredited modules are accessible globally. They are uniquely designed to collaborate with learners, allowing them to explore their workplace preferences and optimise their learning and processing styles by creating tailored strategies.

Users will benefit from a rich variety of multimedia resources that cater to all learning styles, frequent interactive activities integrated throughout the modules, and real-life experiences shared by neurodivergent individuals, ensuring the highest quality of training.

These modules encompass a wide range of key areas that aid individuals and teams in enhancing their existing skills. These areas include reading, written and verbal communication, listening, note-taking and processing, well-being, organisation, attention, memory, and sensory sensitivities.

In today’s fiercely competitive talent landscape, implementing dedicated neurodiversity training and fostering a culture where all employees are understood, valued for their unique talents, and treated equitably can significantly enhance talent acquisition, engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Discover more about Lexxic’s e-Learning modules here and explore how they can benefit your team today.

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