Mriya Cannabis: Bringing a High-End Cannabis Experience to You

As cannabis legalization is in full swing, we often see new cannabis stores popping up everywhere. However, finding quality cannabis has become even harder with the growing saturated market. This is where Mriya Cannabis comes in. They take the struggle out of finding high-end cannabis and provide customers with an entirely different perspective on cannabis stores. 

Who is Mriya Cannabis 

Established in Tribeca, Mriya Cannabis emerges not merely as a luxury cannabis retailer but as a vanguard in quality, customer service, community engagement, and social consciousness.


In fact, they’ve set a new precedent for cannabis shops everywhere. Mriya Cannabis has committed itself to providing an experience filled with serenity and sophistication for its customers. With a team of professionals choosing each and every product, Mriya Cannabis offers a curated selection of premium products tailored to satisfy every customer’s desire.


The creators of Mriya Cannabis launched the Mriya Gallery in September. This was the first Ukrainian Gallery to launch, and there, they provided some of their cannabis products and gave gallery-goers a glimpse into their amazing services. Now the Tribeca-located cannabis store is here to satisfy all of your cannabis needs on a deeper level. But Mriya Cannabis is more than just a store, it is an experience destination. 

Made By Ukrainians For Ukrainians

Mriya Cannabis was created by and for Ukrainians. A portion of their profits are donated to carefully chosen charities that specialize in helping Ukrainian citizens affected by the war. As of September 10th, they’ve already donated $25,000. The Mriya Gallery, which is a direct partner of Mriya Cannabis, even features art created by Ukrainian artists.

Cultural Merch Store

The cultural merch store at Mriya Cannabis offers something special that you won’t find elsewhere. The products are created by Ukrainians risking their lives in factories to deliver quality items which Mriya then imports into the U.S.A. Buying merch from Mriya is more than just receiving a quality clothing item, it’s making a difference and impact for those who need it most right now. 

Defining Mriya Cannabis: Mission and Unique Attributes


Attentive Customer Service

Above all else, Mriya Cannabis has a dedicated team of professional cannabis experts in charge of the selection of products available. The team also provides support for customers, ensuring each and every customer leaves satisfied with their purchase and time spent at Mriya Cannabis. 


The brand also offers a welcoming, inclusive, and confidential atmosphere, allowing customers to explore and embrace the extensive benefits of cannabis with assurance. Recognizing the diverse requirements and tastes of individuals, Mriya Cannabis strives to provide tailored advice via its knowledgeable and committed team. 

Premium Products 

Mriya Cannabis offers a variety of strains, edibles, and wellness offerings. Each product is subjected to rigorous assessments by their quality-focused team to guarantee unmatched purity, potency, and safety. This meticulous approach aims to deliver a superior experience for both well-versed and those new to the cannabis scene.

Expertise in Products

The world of cannabis products is constantly growing, changing, and coming up with new ideas. Because of this, Mriya Cannabis’ team prioritizes research and education. They stay up-to-date with the latest trends, products, and cannabis science. Mriya Cannabis says, “This dedication is driven by a mission to equip customers with the essential knowledge, enabling them to make informed choices on their cannabis journey.” 

Community Outreach and Engagement 

Mriya Cannabis has committed itself to its customers and community. The brand has dedicated time and resources to promoting responsible consumption and championing both sustainable practices and environmental awareness. Mriya Cannabis has also focused on enhancing the community’s understanding of cannabis by hosting diverse events and educational programs, challenging preconceived notions surrounding cannabis.  

Social Responsibility 

Mriya Cannabis is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those who need it most. They have set an ambitious donation goal of $250,000 for 2024, with contributions directed towards the charitable organization, Peace for the Future. Every purchase made extends support beyond oneself, aiding others in their time of need.

What Exactly Does Mriya Cannabis Offer?

Mriya Cannabis caters to a variety of preferences, offering the option to purchase cannabis either in its original form or as pre-rolled products. Among their best-selling strains are Banana Jelly, Ghost OG, and Pop Rox, with the Mriya Pre-Rolls available in packs of three or five, and featuring four strain options. You’ll find various strains of indica, sativa, or hybrids. For those preferring cannabis in its original form, options range from packs of 3.5 grams to 1 ounce. If you’re curious about their offerings but not ready to visit, some of their products are also viewable online.


Mriya Cannabis distinguishes itself in the cannabis market with its commitment to quality, community, and social responsibility. Based in Tribeca and rooted in Ukrainian heritage, it offers a unique and enriching experience for anyone interested in cannabis. 


With a diverse product range, expert knowledge, and a focus on giving back, Mriya Cannabis is not just a store but a symbol of quality and community engagement. If you’re ready to explore their products and experience the unique atmosphere at Mriya Cannabis, you can find them at 101 Reade St., New York, NY 10013


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