Playfilled celebrates International Happiness Day with launch of new Wonder Dates campaign

Playfilled, a startup which brings the principles of play into the world of work, today announces the launch of its new “Wonder Dates’ campaign which will see its pioneering bite-sized creative networking sessions available to anyone, anywhere from just $1.

Established in 2020 in a bid to bring creativity, connection and curiosity to the corporate world, Playfilled has worked with Big Four accountancy firms, global banks and major tech companies to bring micro-moments of wonder and play to the workplace. Initial pilots show that after just one 12-minute session, participants report a positive impact on mood and energy of up to 20%.

Employee disengagement and disconnection have become pervasive issues, with burnout rates now higher than during the Covid-19 pandemic. While creative thinking is required to solve big problems, existing workloads don’t leave any time or space for it. This makes for unhealthy organisations, where employee disengagement and attrition can mean around $8.8 trillion in lost productivity each year.

Playfilled’s Wonder Dates are designed to strengthen connections between colleagues or corporate individuals, build collaboration and create an environment which allows change to flourish. Participants are paired serendipitously and meet online (or in real life if preferred/practical) for a guided warm-up, creative exercise and warm-down – all the time it takes for a coffee break. The new campaign will open this opportunity up for everyone to participate and be matched up with ticket holders around the world, and launches on International Happiness Day (20th March 2024).

Pauline McNulty, co-founder of Playfilled said of the campaign: “Playfilled Wonder Dates are designed to counteract the everyday “drudge” with a short burst of creativity and happiness – in the time it takes to have a cup of tea.

“In my previous career as a Chief Risk Officer I discovered I was missing an element of fun and playfulness that would help me in my working life. We know that incorporating playfulness into work drives not just creativity but also commercial impact as happier, more engaged workers make for better performing businesses.

“This International Happiness Day we are calling on leaders and individuals alike to take a micro action for a ‘Happier Together’ corporate world and build the resilience needed for the change marathon ahead.”

For more details visit the campaign website at

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