UK’s Inaugural Black Tech Day Empowers Underrepresented Communities in the Tech Industry

Dexter Simms, an award-winning serial-entrepreneur and community leader, is spearheading the UK’s first Black Tech Day event, with support from TV personalities Emmanuel Asuquo and Big Narstie. The event, scheduled for 19th and 20th August at London South Bank University, aims to inspire young people from underrepresented communities to explore career opportunities in the tech sector.

With over 40 speakers and special guests, Black Tech Day aspires to attract 1600 attendees over the two days, positioning itself as a prominent annual community tech event in the area. The event focuses on fostering interactive and educational experiences, bringing together young individuals, parents, and entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds to discuss the impact of technological advancements on the future of work.

The UK’s tech sector, now valued at $1 trillion, is predicted to reach $4 trillion in the next decade. However, ethnic minorities make up only 22% of the workforce in tech organisations, with cybersecurity, AI, analytics, data science, and data management teams experiencing even lower representation.

Dexter Simms, driven by the vision to create equal opportunities for young people in South London and beyond, founded Black Tech Day to address the lack of representation and access to technology within the Black community. He aims to break barriers and provide access to opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds.

The event welcomes a diverse audience, including young people exploring tech careers, parents seeking insights into their children’s future career options, business owners seeking innovative tech solutions, and educational institutions connecting with prospective students for courses or apprenticeships.

Black Tech Day has garnered the attention of esteemed speakers and panelists from around the world, including Malik Stout, Executive Producer and Host of On The Bloc Chain Show, and Yuvika Gupta, a mindset and inspirational speaker.

Lavinia Osbourne, Host and Founder of Women in Blockchain Talks, highlights the significance of promoting diversity in the tech industry, calling Black Tech Day a crucial initiative for exponential growth and global equity.

The event offers an array of activities, including an opening address by the Mayor of Croydon, a live FIFA gaming competition hosted by Big Narstie, and a live Q&A on finances with TV’s Emmanuel Asuquo. Panels will explore topics such as the latest trends in Web 2 and Web 3 technologies, coding, and gamefi. A workshop on The Future of News is hosted by The Guardian Foundation team.

Black Tech Day has garnered support through sponsorships and collaborations with organisations like Croydon College, LSBU, Mula Cake, NBA 2K, Capcom, Bandai Namco, GLA, and DWP.

The event aims to create a platform for exploring cutting-edge technology, gaining valuable skills, and engaging in interactive workshops, all with the goal of shaping a brighter future for underrepresented communities in the tech industry.

For more information about the event, including the agenda and ticket purchase, visit:

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