Actress Alleges Alien Abduction: Transparent Spaceship and Otherworldly Encounters

Actress Sandra Reyes has made a startling claim of being abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

At the age of 47, Reyes asserts that she was whisked away on board a spaceship by these otherworldly entities.

Renowned for her role as Dr Paula Dávila in the series ‘Pedro, The Scaly,’ Reyes shared her extraordinary experience on a television talk show.

Recounting the bizarre incident, the actress, who also starred in the series ‘Nurses,’ revealed that the spacecraft she boarded was completely transparent.

She described the destination she was taken to as having a distinct atmosphere unlike that of Earth.

Reyes vividly recalled traversing tunnels that spanned across the Earth and other celestial bodies.

However, the actress from Bogota, Colombia, admitted that she had completely forgotten about her abduction until stumbling upon a book about extraterrestrial life.

During the interview, she expressed, “Long ago, I found myself on a ship. They took me aboard the ship. At the time, I couldn’t fully comprehend it, but now I realize that it was indeed real.”

Initially dismissing the experience as a mere dream, she questioned who would believe her account.

“I thought it was some kind of surreal dream, and I doubted anyone would take me seriously,” Reyes added.

She further elaborated, stating, “I am certain that we were in a place that was not Earth, as it possessed a peculiar and distinctly different atmosphere.”

According to Reyes, these enigmatic beings communicate messages to humanity, implying a profound connection between extraterrestrial life and our own existence.

While the actress’s claims may invite skepticism, they serve as a reminder of the enigmatic mysteries that surround the existence of life beyond our planet.

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