Immersive Vampires vs Zombies Experience Unleashes Across the US for Halloween

Questo has unveiled an exciting Halloween treat for thrill-seekers with the launch of the Vampires vs Zombies Experience. This immersive event is set to unfold in various cities and towns across the United States on Saturday night, October 28, 2023, just in time for the spookiest weekend of the year.

This heart-pounding experience will transform the streets of more than 150 US cities into battlegrounds where vampires and zombies clash, immersing participants in a world where ancient adversaries collide.

Described by organisers as a blend of an outdoor escape room-style game, a scavenger hunt, and an interactive city tour, the experience also includes elements of cosplaying and role-playing.

In each participating city, hundreds of teams will select their sides (vampires or zombies) and engage in a fierce competition for survival. They will navigate the city streets on foot, searching for clues while solving interactive puzzles and taking on various challenges.

The Vampires vs Zombies Experience promises to be an event where attendees don’t merely spectate but actively participate in the unfolding story.

Alex Govoreanu, CEO of Questo, expressed excitement about this new event, following the success of their Wizard of Oz Experience. He looks forward to bringing the dark magic of Halloween to countless happy families and groups of friends in October.

With an average duration of 90 minutes, participants can choose to race against the clock and compete with hundreds of other teams or explore at their own pace. Dressing up for the occasion is highly recommended, as participants can enter the $2000 costume contest or vie for other prizes, such as a zombie apocalypse kit, a life-sized coffin, a lifetime supply of garlic, and more.

While the event is family-friendly, it is primarily geared towards adults. Children over 12 can join in the fun if accompanied by adults.

Tickets for the Vampires vs Zombies Experience are now available for purchase on the Questo website. The standard price is $80 per team, but you can use the code SAVE50 at checkout to enjoy a 50% discount.

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