King Charles’ Alleged 1975 UFO Flight Investigated in New UFO Show

In a new UFO show titled “Nub TV,” which airs on Ayozat TV (Channel 186 on Sky) and Tubi in the US, claims regarding Prince Charles piloting a prototype UFO in 1975 have been brought into the spotlight. The show, hosted by filmmaker Mark Christopher Lee, delves into the intriguing assertion that Prince Charles was involved in a top-secret project in Sandy Point, Canada, where he allegedly piloted an unconventional aircraft.

According to Lee, he has received testimony and evidence suggesting a long-standing interest in UFOs within the royal family, dating back to Earl Louis Mountbatten, Prince Philip’s uncle. It’s alleged that a UFO even landed on Mountbatten’s Broadlands Estate. This fascination with the unexplained phenomena was then passed down to Prince Philip, who regularly received updates on the latest UFO news from his private secretary and was particularly interested in the Rendlesham Forest incident, often referred to as the “British Roswell.”

The show also delves into the audacious claim made by a former colleague of King Charles. This individual alleges that both he and Prince Charles were involved in “Project Serpico” in Sandy Point, Canada, during 1975. This clandestine project aimed to explore innovative transportation methods, with a specific focus on the principles of magnetism inspired by Nikola Tesla’s work. Additionally, the source alleges that they had access to technology acquired from post-World War II German developments, which, in turn, were purportedly derived from a crashed UFO.

In the alleged incident of 1975, Prince Charles is said to have piloted a smaller UFO-type craft that bore resemblance to the Avrocar, an experimental vehicle developed in Canada in 1959. His craft reportedly featured three pilot domes, each encased in heat-sensitive glass domes to shield the pilots from magnetic effects caused by the larger craft, which closely followed him. This larger craft, resembling a colossal helicopter with elongated blades, is claimed to have controlled Charles’ flight using electromagnetic forces. Astonishingly, the craft emitted a distinct blue ionic flame and was even capable of submerging itself in water.

The broader project also explored submersible UFO-type vehicles, designed to maneuver seamlessly in both air and water. Experiments related to these crafts had been ongoing in the Sandy Bay Area since the 1950s, potentially playing a role in the well-known Shag Harbour UFO incident of 1967, where witnesses observed a low-flying object entering the harbor waters. To verify this extraordinary claim, the producers of “Nub TV” have reached out to Buckingham Palace.

Mark Christopher Lee, the show’s host, commented on these startling revelations, saying, “Following the testimony and evidence that I have received and the proven interest that his father and great Uncle had in UFOs, I again call on King Charles to put pressure both on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden to release the truth about UFOs. My source alleges that the craft, allegedly flown by King Charles, is part of the same technology that the US pilots have seen and engaged with in the recent Congress hearings.”

“Nub TV” is a unique series that blends UFOs, the paranormal, and music, offering a fresh perspective on these mysterious phenomena. Hosted by Mark Christopher Lee and Guy Thompson, the show is now in its fourth season and will explore various topics, including Crop Circles, Alien Abductions, The Mental Internet, Bigfoot, and King Charles’ alleged UFO experience.

This captivating investigation will premiere on Tuesday, September 5th, 2023, on Ayozat TV (Channel 186 on Sky) and Tubi in the US, captivating audiences with its intriguing exploration of the unexplained and the possibility of a royal connection to UFO technology.

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