Sarah Cressall Honoured with OBE for Her Innovative Leadership at The Creation Station

Sarah Cressall, the visionary Founder and CEO of The Creation Station, has been distinguished with an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in the 2023 King’s Honours List. This accolade recognises her exceptional contributions to creativity in the realms of education, entertainment, and business.

Since founding the company in 2002, Sarah has been unwavering in her commitment to fostering imagination and nurturing creativity. Her approach encompasses arts and crafts classes, parties, and events, catering to a diverse audience of all ages.

The Creation Station, under Sarah’s leadership, expanded through franchising, empowering others to make a positive impact within their communities. To date, the organisation has inspired over 1.8 million children and adults and is renowned as the most highly recommended children’s activity company in the UK.

Upon receiving this prestigious honour, Sarah shared her heartfelt sentiments, stating, “I’m deeply honoured and grateful to receive this recognition for doing something I am passionate about. I’m incredibly fortunate to work with amazing people. Thank you to all our fabulous Creation Station franchise partners – who do a fantastic job of bringing creativity into the community every day. My heartfelt thanks to Ruth Morris, Rachel Logan, Katy Clarke, Louise Richardson, Emma Winterbourne, Emma McCalla-John, and Jude Coles for their brilliant support across the UK. Special thanks to my sister Fran Long, who has been my biggest supporter ever since I was a little girl. And to the light of my life; my lovely husband Duncan and three wonderful sons, Sam, Ollie, and Josh, whose unwavering love has enabled me to achieve far more than I ever thought I could.”

Ruth Morris, The Creation Station’s dedicated Franchise Manager, commended Sarah’s unparalleled dedication to creativity and community enhancement, stating, “Sarah is a truly worthy recipient of this honour. Her unwavering passion for the power of creative experiences to enhance many aspects of our lives, at different ages and stages, is truly remarkable and inspiring. Sarah continues to explore ways to reach out to those who may not have access to creative opportunities. Her creative energy and drive have not only made this a sustainable and positive business but also a model for others to benefit from.”

The Creation Station team extends its warmest congratulations to Sarah Cressall OBE on her well-deserved accolade. We look forward with great anticipation to Sarah’s ongoing endeavours in championing creativity for the common good, ensuring broader access to the transformative power of creative experiences for both children and adults.

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