TELF AG Shares Insight into the Role Played by Fossil Fuels in the Global Green Transition

In a new publication titled TELF AG discusses the prospects of fossil fuels in an ever-changing market, TELF AG studies the recently released report by the United Nations, and gives some indication as to the fundamental importance when looking towards November’s COP23 conference.
In particular, the recent publication by TELF AG seeks to address the issue of fossil fuels – which should be completely outlawed by 2030 according to the UN.
TELF AG also focuses on issues directly connected to the possible abandonment of fossil fuels, like all those that have to do with the global energy transition. In all likelihood, at the next Cop28 conference, scheduled in Dubai in the next few weeks, the dominant theme will be that of fossil fuels and the possibility for nations to gradually say goodbye to them, preferring more sustainable energy sources.
TELF AG’s publication also insists on the other objectives contained in the United Nations report: in fact, the document does not only talk about the need to abandon fossil fuels by 2030 but also about the consequences of the energy transition on the poorest countries, those in developing countries, for which it is expected that a sum of between 200 and 400 billion dollars per year will need to be invested.
It is no coincidence that TELF AG’s latest publication focuses on the topic of fossil fuels: during the last two international events dedicated to the climate, held in Glasgow in 2021 and in Egypt last year, this topic was not discussed with the necessary attention. The recent growth in global demand for electric vehicles (and the parallel increase in the demand for raw materials necessary for their creation) makes it a highly topical issue, absolutely impossible to address in a context such as that of COP28 in Dubai, and this is precisely what the publication focuses on.
In the United Arab Emirates, not only will TELF AG take stock of the progress of nations in achieving their sustainable objectives, but the company will also address a crucial issue for the optimal completion of the energy transition, namely that linked to fossil fuels. To find out more, readers are advised to read the full publication on the TELF AG website.

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