Specialist Advisors Reports Astounding 3,000% Profit Increase and Unveils Exciting New Ventures

Specialist Advisors Ltd, the City-based venture capitalist and management consultancy, has announced an incredible 3,000% surge in profits, reaching £754,470 for the financial year ending on March 31, 2023.

The corresponding net assets have seen a remarkable rise from £764,405 to £2,308,874. This impressive growth can be attributed to the company’s long-term investments in UK SMEs (small to medium enterprises) made in 2020, which are now yielding significant results.

This success further reaffirms Specialist Advisors’ belief that the SME sector plays a pivotal role in driving the UK economy, which they term ‘The Engine of GrowthTM.’

During the trading year ending on March 31, 2023, Specialist Advisors Ltd issued over 46,250,000 new ‘B’ shares. These shares are consistently traded in private transactions at £0.04 per share, valuing the company at £12,160,000.

To continue its growth trajectory, Specialist Advisors is actively raising capital through further funding rounds, with the goal of expanding its portfolio of aligned investments in the SME sector and ultimately aiming for a stock market listing within the next five years.

Looking ahead to the 2023/24 trading year, the Directors of Specialist Advisors have unveiled three exciting future developments:

  1. Partnership with the developers of the Chronos Strategy, an algorithmic trading system designed to generate high returns with capital protection. The strategy has been back-tested to 2021 and is undergoing independent auditing. Chronos Trading Ltd will offer the strategy with the aim of managing £100 million of institutional funds by December 2024, generating £20 million in annual revenues and achieving a market cap of £100 million on a typical PE multiple of 5x for this sector.
  2. Investment in Meat and Co Ventures, following engagement of the Company as a management consultant and Corporate Advisor. Specialist Advisors facilitated a partnership between the management of Meat and Co and a British-based meat wholesaler, creating a value chain from sourcing quality meat produce to delivering a seamless customer experience at the point of sale. Anticipated turnover in the first year of trading is expected to reach £2 million, with exponential growth in subsequent years.
  3. Stake holding in a global property developer through an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), Sovereign Developments and Holdings Ltd, with an existing land bank of £200 million GDV (gross development value). Specialist Advisors has secured the first development on Cap Spartel, near the King’s Palace in Tangiers, valued at £3 million with an expected GDV of £7 million, yielding over 100% ROI.

Stuart Anderson, CEO of Specialist Advisors, expressed, “Our strategy is to seek out opportunities in the SME sector, which we see as having the greatest growth potential. By building long-term value through a combination of equity interest and providing comprehensive management consultancy, we aim to support even more SMEs in developing their ideas and turning them into commercial reality.”

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