Innovative Collaboration: Mirage Joins Forces with NHS to Provide 3 Months of Free Vaping for Smoking Cessation

Mirage Vape Stores, a prominent national supplier of vaping goods headquartered in Sheffield, is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking partnership with the esteemed National Health Service (NHS), aimed at aiding individuals in their journey to quit smoking and enhance their overall well-being.

In a significant stride, Mirage will extend a generous offer of three months’ worth of complimentary vaping supplies to eligible participants committed to transitioning away from conventional cigarettes. This partnership emerges at a pivotal juncture when the cessation of smoking stands as a paramount concern for public health. The enduring menace of cigarette smoking persists as a leading catalyst of preventable ailments and premature fatalities globally. Acknowledging vaping’s potential as a harm mitigation tool, the NHS has chosen to unite its efforts with Mirage, bestowing smokers with a viable alternative.

Eligible individuals who are enrolled in local NHS smoking cessation programs will gain access to a three-month reserve of Mirage vaping products, completely free of charge. This venture strives to facilitate smokers in their endeavor to embrace a smoke-free existence, supplying them with the indispensable resources and support to surmount their tobacco addiction.

Mirage upholds a steadfast commitment to providing vaping products of premium quality, underscored by user safety and satisfaction. All Mirage merchandise rigorously adheres to exacting industry benchmarks, while their array of e-liquids is meticulously fashioned within their bespoke facility in Sheffield, ensuring full regulatory alignment.

Reflecting on this momentous partnership, Craig Newbold, Director at Mirage, expressed, “Our collaboration with NHS Smokefree Sheffield fills us with honor as we align with their mission to guide individuals towards quitting smoking. Vaping consistently showcases its potential as a less detrimental substitute to traditional cigarettes. By affording a three-month supply of our products, we aspire to support smokers in their voyage toward a healthier lifestyle. We are resolute in our commitment to stand by participants throughout their journey and collaboratively diminish the perils tied to smoking. This endorsement underscores our company’s excellence and unwavering adherence to regulatory benchmarks.”

Eligible smokers in the city eager to avail themselves of the three-month allocation of Mirage vaping products are advised to consult their GP, liaise with their NHS smoking cessation consultant, visit a local Mirage outlet, or explore further details at

This strategic collaboration between Mirage and the NHS manifests a momentous leap in combatting the smoking epidemic while fostering strategies for harm reduction. By converging efforts, both entities aspire to empower individuals with potent tools and resources, effectively facilitating smoking cessation and, in turn, elevating public health outcomes across the city.

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