Expert Advice: Choosing Between Bi-Folding Doors and Sliding Doors for Your Home

The surge in popularity of bi-folding doors that seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces has sparked a comparison with traditional sliding doors. Matthew Leach, Director of Aluminium Doors Direct, sheds light on the differences and provides insights into selecting the right solution for your needs.

Understanding the Distinction

Bi-fold doors operate by folding in a concertina-style pattern. Typically consisting of two to seven hinged panels, they glide along concealed tracks in the floor, ceiling, or both. In contrast, sliding doors feature large glass panes that slide sideways to the edge of the frame. A key distinction is that bi-fold doors require space for the panels to stack, whereas sliding doors remain within their frame.

Functionality: Pros and Cons

Matthew Leach explains the distinct features of each door design. “Bi-fold doors offer the remarkable advantage of completely folding back, essentially opening up an entire wall to your patio and garden. This creates a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, enhancing your property’s allure.

“Conversely, traditional sliding doors typically provide only around a 65 percent opening to the left or right. Pocket doors are worth considering, as they slide into concealed crevices in exterior walls, opening up a larger space.

“Sliding doors offer precise control. They can be opened slightly for a gentle breeze, partially to step outside, or fully to invite in fresh air. Opting for a bi-fold system may involve considering a ‘traffic door’ or access leaf, especially if it’s the sole gateway to the garden.”

Aesthetics: Enhancing Your Home’s Beauty

Matthew delves into the impact of each design on your interior aesthetics. “Sliding doors with fewer panels and larger glass surfaces allow abundant natural light to permeate your home, making them a valuable asset for modern and contemporary designs.

Bi-fold doors can be extended to widen the opening, but when closed, they exhibit more vertical frame than sliding doors. Sliding doors boast a higher glass-to-frame ratio, providing unobstructed views of your garden or the surrounding countryside. This visual appeal contributes to open and spacious schemes. If maximising natural light or year-round garden views is your priority, sliding doors are often the preferred choice.”

Cost-Effectiveness and Energy Efficiency

In a world increasingly mindful of budget and environmental concerns, Matthew provides insights into cost-effective and energy-efficient design solutions.

“Both options have comparable prices, contingent on configurations. However, sliding doors become noticeably pricier with wider panes, as larger single glass units are more costly.

“Due to their narrower frames, sliding doors generally offer better thermal efficiency than bi-fold doors. Nevertheless, both designs can be tailored to meet specific client requirements.”

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