Innovative App Detects Nearly All Home Flaws with a Single Tap

The UK has seen the launch of an innovative application, New Homes Inspections, specifically designed for homeowners to effortlessly identify and report defects in their homes. Standing out as the first application of its kind in the nation, it has quickly garnered attention in the marketplace. Homeowners are now equipped to detect up to 98% of home defects with a mere tap, offering significant savings in time, money, and hassle.

New Homes Inspections distinguishes itself by catering exclusively to the needs of new homeowners. It meticulously examines over 300 components of a new-build property, including kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and bedrooms. The app delves into every detail, from windows and fixings to finishes and plumbing, enabling users to pinpoint any issues by capturing images.

The app employs a sophisticated algorithm to produce an exhaustive report, which homeowners can directly forward to developers for rectification. Conceived by a site manager and adhering to the standards set by the new home quality board, New Homes Inspections equips homeowners with the tools needed to ensure developers meet the expected quality standards of their properties.

The efficacy of the app has been confirmed through testing on 30 properties from various developers, where it demonstrated a remarkable 98% success rate in identifying defects, positioning New Homes Inspections as the most dependable app in its category. Beyond its defect-finding capabilities, the app also offers a wealth of educational content for homeowners.

The platform’s website features an array of how-to videos and walkthroughs, along with numerous industry insights on their YouTube channel, guiding homeowners through the snagging process for various parts of their home.

Mitchel Shaw, the co-founder, stated, “Our business vision is for homeowners to feel at ease in their new build home, providing a snagging process that is straightforward with simple steps to follow, identifying defects and generating reports through the app, with every inspection stage adhering to building standards.” The website further offers essential information on the construction process, key stage inspections, warranty providers, best practices, and more. The app’s launch has been eagerly anticipated by industry stakeholders, the public, local communities, and customers alike.

New Homes Inspections not only educates but also empowers homeowners to ensure their properties meet the highest quality standards, promising a more seamless and enjoyable homeownership journey. Currently undergoing accreditation by the new homes quality board, the app has already received endorsements from industry professionals.

Aimed at enhancing the new homeownership experience, New Homes Inspections is poised to become the essential app for UK homeowners. For a limited period, the app is available for download on google play & App store for just £13.99, granting unlimited access to all its functionalities.

Seize this chance to guarantee your home is free from defects and upholds the utmost quality standards. About New Homes Inspections: A pioneering snagging app tailored for new homeowners, New Homes Inspections offers unparalleled defect detection and educational resources, empowering homeowners to oversee the quality of their homes.

Conceived by an experienced site manager and conforming to the new home quality board’s standards, New Homes Inspections is a trailblazer in the UK app market. For further details and to download the app, visit

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