Charlie Introduces Revolutionary Charcoal Outdoor Oven for Multifaceted Cooking

Charlie‘s innovative Outdoor Charcoal Oven is transforming the landscape of outdoor culinary experiences, combining the functions of a charcoal BBQ, pizza oven, smoker, and grill into one comprehensive cooking solution.

This upright charcoal oven model, long favoured by culinary professionals for its ability to infuse a unique smoky flavour and achieve temperatures far surpassing those of standard domestic ovens, is now accessible for home use.

From seafood and vegetables to ribs, brisket, roasts, fish, fruits, pizzas, and even homemade sourdough, the charcoal oven enhances the taste and aroma of a wide array of dishes.

“Working with Charlie Oven is a pleasure. Having worked on other Spanish charcoal ovens for years, the Charlie makes much more sense to me, both for direct and indirect cooking,” says Richard Turner, an esteemed chef, butcher, restaurateur, and the founder of Meatopia UK.

Dubbed “the chef maker” by its designers, Charlie’s oven empowers home cooks to effortlessly produce meals of professional quality.

The genius of Charlie lies in its straightforward design, offering ease of use without the need for complex cooking techniques, allowing for the simultaneous preparation of multiple dishes.

Tara Quick, from the Cheeky Charlie Oven Company, asserts, “This all-new product turns the traditional concept of barbecuing on its head.”

Highlighting the common challenges of outdoor cooking, Tara points out that barbecuing often leads to disappointing results. Charlie Oven addresses these issues by offering a unique upright, outdoor charcoal oven that simplifies luxury outdoor cooking, making it an effortless, sustainable, and stylish activity throughout the year.

A standout feature of Charlie is its ability to maintain a steady temperature between 100°C and 400°C for extended periods, suitable for a diverse range of cooking methods. Its chimney-like design allows for easy temperature control through simple vent adjustments, offering three settings: rising, holding, or reducing temperature.

The oven’s vertical layout, equipped with nine cooking levels, enables both direct and indirect heating, facilitating the perfect sear on steaks while simultaneously charring vegetables.

Tara further explains, “This new design format makes outdoor cooking as easy as pie. No need to be a BBQ expert. No special techniques. It works just like an indoor oven, in that you cook with the door shut. No prodding, no flipping, no half burnt, half raw sausages or a face-full of smoke. Simply pop the food in, shut the door and leave the charcoal to work its magic, giving you more time to spend with family and friends. It’s designed for “hands-off” cooking.”

Additionally, the Charlie Oven is praised for its simplicity and low maintenance. Lighting the oven is straightforward, requiring only a small pyramid of charcoal and a couple of natural firelighters. With an ash drawer for easy cleanup and stainless steel racks that are simple to clean, Charlie is designed for convenience.

Tara highlights the sustainability aspect of Charlie, noting its efficient use of biofuel and the thermal conservation properties of its design, which contrasts sharply with traditional BBQ grills.

Complementing the oven, the Charlie Kitchen Island offers a stylish and functional outdoor kitchen solution, enhancing the outdoor cooking and entertaining experience.

Tara concludes, “When combined with the Charlie Oven, the Charlie Kitchen Island creates a brilliant outdoor cooking and entertaining experience: alfresco gatherings just the way you always imagined them.”

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