Groundbreaking Generative AI Feature Set to Revolutionise Real Estate Transactions for Top 100 Law Firms

Avail, the foremost provider of AI solutions tailored for the real estate legal sector, has unveiled a game-changing feature known as “Filed Copy Summaries.” This innovative addition harnesses the power of generative AI to streamline lease reviews and expedite real estate transactions for legal professionals.

Filed Copy Summaries equips Avail’s AI platform with the ability to meticulously analyse crucial documents associated with title registers, including leases, transfers, conveyances, agreements, deeds, and charges. The technology excels at extracting vital information, generating both comprehensive, long-form summaries and succinct bullet-pointed summaries highlighting key commercial terms.

“Generative AI marks a major advancement for artificial intelligence capabilities in legal tech,” said Dom Conte, Avail’s Chief Product Officer. “Incorporating this into a solution that solves a real pain point for lawyers is why our clients are so excited about this new feature. The ability to quickly analyse leases and title documents is a game-changer for real estate lawyers.”

By condensing the process of lease and title review, Filed Copy Summaries empowers lawyers to access essential insights more rapidly. This heightened efficiency and productivity not only benefit legal professionals but also provide added value to their clients, ultimately expediting real estate transactions.

With the majority of the UK’s top 100 law firms already relying on Avail Title, the introduction of Filed Copy Summaries underscores Avail’s unwavering commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology for the empowerment of legal practitioners. As part of the company’s unrelenting dedication to innovation, this latest capability is poised to revolutionize title review and risk assessment in the industry.

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