Aluxury Reveals the Expansion of Their Exclusive Line of Electric Diffusers

Aluxury, a leading luxe home fragrance business in Britain, is pleased to present the Hydros Electric Diffuser, its newest invention, and to add a chic grey variant to its critically acclaimed Nebula Diffuser line.

At the heart of Aluxury lies a commitment to crafting premium products that seamlessly blend sustainability with opulence. Every creation stems from a desire to promote well-being, turning homes into sanctuaries of luxury and tranquillity. As the demand for sophisticated home fragrances has grown, Aluxury has responded by expanding its electric diffuser range, ensuring that customers have a diverse range of high-end options to elevate their living spaces. 

Maintaining their dedication to the environment and ethical practices, Aluxury ensures that each diffuser, like all their offerings, is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and presented in eco-friendly FSC-approved packaging. Furthermore, every purchase made contributes to meaningful global causes, including supporting mental health, planting trees, and combating ocean plastic pollution.

The introduction of the Hydros Electric Diffuser signifies a substantial stride in Aluxury’s journey of continuous innovation. Elegantly designed with high-quality ceramic and sustainable Hevea wood, this diffuser is poised to set new standards in the realm of home fragrances. Beyond its primary functions of aromatherapy and humidification, the Hydros comes equipped with an integrated night light feature, sleep helper function, and advanced ultrasonic technology to enhance users’ overall experience. Its substantial 180ml capacity ensures extended aromatic sessions, amplifying the serenity of any living space.

The electronic Nebula Diffuser, celebrated for its pioneering waterless design and portability, now boasts an elegant grey model. With its rechargeable battery-operated system, it guarantees longevity, providing up to 120 hours on a singular charge and a remarkable coverage of up to 80㎡. Tailored for utmost convenience, patrons can effortlessly affix 5ml, 10ml, or 15ml essential oil bottles, adapting their aromatic ambience with varied intensity and timer settings.

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