Freemans Launches Wallet-Friendly ‘Wedding Shop’ with Britain’s Best Value Dress at £58

In response to the ever-rising ‘cost of wedding crisis,’ digital department store Freemans has come to the rescue of budget-conscious brides, offering a stunning bridal gown for under £60. The new ‘Wedding Shop’ boasts a wide array of more than 800 ‘aisle style’ options, providing brides-to-be with an affordable and stylish solution for their special day. Alongside the captivating wedding dress, the collection includes bridesmaid dresses ranging from just £45 to £80 and sophisticated suits for grooms and groomsmen starting at £100.

Freemans has thoughtfully curated over 100 choices for the mother of the bride, ensuring every member of the wedding party can find the perfect outfit without breaking the bank.

The star of the show is an elegant, sleeveless, full-length lace gown with delicate cut-out front detailing, priced at a mere £58, available exclusively from bonprix value range. Surpassing all other bargains, this gown is an astonishing 22 times more affordable than the average £1,350 wedding dress*. Notably, it comes in sizes ranging from six to 24, catering to diverse body types.

Selecting this budget-friendly gown enables the bride-to-be to save an impressive average of £1,292, providing ample funds to cover essentials such as a standard £1,300 photographer or delightful wedding flowers priced at £1,050. Additionally, the £58 dress proves to be even cheaper than the average £135 cost of renting a wedding dress for the day, making it a sustainable and wallet-conscious choice for future occasions.

The bonprix Bridal Collection, comprising 12 carefully curated pieces, offers a variety of affordable gowns. Notably, brides can opt for a captivating designer-style off-the-shoulder dress with a lace bodice and a fitted mermaid skirt, priced at just £70. Furthermore, a boho-inspired sleeveless frock featuring a plunging bodice and waist lace is also available for the same appealing price of £70.

Linda Quinn, chief merchandising officer at Freemans, expressed her delight at the reception of the new range, stating, “With the average wedding cost still exceeding £18,000, an affordable wedding dress allows couples to stay richer, not poorer.” She further added, “The response to the new collection has been phenomenal, with hundreds of budget-conscious brides eagerly purchasing our designer-inspired dresses within days of the launch.”

In a show of inclusivity and thoughtfulness, the collection also caters to pregnant brides, ensuring they are not subjected to an unnecessary ‘bump tax.’ The range offers a sophisticated lace sleeve dress with ribbon ties for an incredible price of £20, available in sizes six to 28. Moreover, a full-length traditional lace gown is also among the most affordable budget bump options at just £120.

Linda emphasised the importance of keeping maternity dresses at the same price point as standard dresses, underscoring the brand’s commitment to affordability and inclusivity. Freemans stands true to its promise of ‘always on’ free delivery and returns, accompanied by a variety of flexible payment options, making it a truly accessible and desirable destination for wedding attire.

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