Pioneering Polyamorous Couple’s Billboard Fails to Ignite Interest in ‘Free Love’

A prominent influencer duo, who made headlines by renting a billboard to champion “free love,” has disclosed that their followers exhibit a more profound fascination with their domestic duties than their polyamorous love and intimacy.

Bella Mantovani, 31, and Vagner O Fera, 34, first crossed paths as six-year-olds, ultimately sealing their union in 2011 following a five-year courtship.

Renowned for their audacious move of securing an ad slot in Times Square to promote their distinctive OnlyFans profile, the pair from São Paulo, Brazil, soon detected a conspicuous shift in their audience’s interests.

“We observed that images of our everyday life garnered more attention,” shared Bella in a conversation with

“Our fans clamor for snapshots of us tackling chores, tending to bathroom duties, bed-making, and even the mundane act of brushing our teeth.”

Surprisingly, divulging specifics of their household chores, in particular, has become an unexpected sensation for the former evangelical preacher and his spouse.

Bella explained, “People are captivated by glimpses into our ordinary moments. There’s one particular fan who requests weekly snapshots in various corners of our home.”

“What adds intrigue is that we are invariably wielding a squeegee or broom in hand. Vagner and I relish these unusual requests.”

In addition to their content on the adult platform, the couple also shares alluring photos on Instagram, boasting an impressive following of 117,000 (@bellamantovani_).

Bella emphasized, “We aim to dispel the stereotype associating polyamory solely with sensuality. Our marital journey has evolved significantly since embracing a more liberated form of love.”

“The prejudice we encounter is often rooted in others’ inability to comprehend our chosen lifestyle.”

Vagner, who grew up in a devout Christian household, previously divulged his departure from religious devotion to explore risqué content alongside Bella, who also had ties to the Evangelical church.

Once a revered minister of worship within the church, Vagner recounted how the pressure of the religious community strained their marital and intimate life.

He confided to, saying, “I decided to leave the church due to the judgment of others. I realized that societal importance and positions within the church held more value than individual character.”

“People exhibited hypocrisy, concealing their actions while condemning those who acted openly. We lived amidst turmoil.”

In mid-2018, Vagner severed ties with the church and temporarily assisted in managing Bella’s family-owned pastry business.

However, misfortune soon beset them as the business faced financial turmoil. Serendipitously, while actively participating in swinger circles, they chanced upon the concept of creating intimate content together.

Bella elaborated, “We were already part of the swinging community when a friend introduced me to the world of adult content.”

“It transcends the mere sale of content or the creation of erotic videos; it’s a profound journey beyond the screen and camera.”


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