UK Holidays: A Smart Choice for Saving Over £50,000

Opting for a holiday within the UK could be more than just a cost-effective decision; it might be a smart financial strategy. Recent figures gathered by Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks illustrate the substantial savings possible when choosing a UK holiday in 2024 during the summer break, which could potentially contribute over £50,000 to your children’s future funds.

Comparing a week-long 2-star holiday to Benidorm for a family of four from 16th August, the total cost, including accommodation, flights, car hire, and food, amounts to £3,740. In contrast, a similar duration stay at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park in one of the New Wave Silver caravans at Twitchen House is priced at £1,169, with additional expenses (food, travel, optional holiday protection) totaling £2,069.

This equates to a substantial saving of £1,671. If this pattern continues for 18 years, the savings could reach £30,078. Furthermore, investing these annual savings in stocks and ISA shares at an average of 5% could potentially increase this figure to over £50,000, as per calculations using a compound interest calculator. Such savings could significantly contribute towards significant future expenses like a deposit for a first property, all made possible by holidaying in the UK.

Additionally, choosing a UK holiday positively impacts the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Opting for car travel over flying significantly lowers CO2 emissions. While travelling 300 miles by car generates about 104 kg of CO2, flying the same distance produces approximately 184 kg of CO2, according to Carbon Independent.

Therefore, not only does holidaying in the UK offer financial benefits, but it also supports environmental sustainability. Embrace the delights of Woolacombe and discover the multiple advantages of staying at one of our holiday parks.

*Please note, this press release is not financial advice. The projections are based on potential investment gains calculated using a compound interest calculator and are subject to fluctuation.

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