Captivise Ltd Granted £46,500 for ‘Acumen – Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in Digital Advertising’ Initiative

Captivise Ltd, a prominent enterprise based in Lancashire, specialising in the realm of digital advertising, has successfully secured a substantial grant amounting to £46,500 through the esteemed Creative Catalyst 2023 competition initiated by Innovate UK. This coveted grant is earmarked for their visionary project entitled ‘Acumen – Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in Digital Advertising,’ a venture that will be spearheaded by the accomplished team at

The Creative Catalyst Competition stands as a formidable programme, endowed with £30 million, structured to offer progressive financial and non-financial support to catalyse innovation across high-potential enterprises within the creative domain. This initiative is earmarked to provide a comprehensive suite of resources, including £50,000 grants, aimed at fostering innovation ventures among small and micro creative entities. Out of a multitude of entrants, a mere 200 enterprises were deemed deserving of a share in the £10 million funding allocation.

‘Acumen – Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in Digital Advertising’ is an outcome materialised by synergising three exclusive technologies developed in-house by, encompassing tracking, optimisation, and reporting capabilities. Acumen’s fundamental objective is to craft a holistic tracking framework for digital advertising campaigns, underpinned by the prowess of machine learning and artificial intelligence, to execute performance-based tasks automatically. This framework is meticulously designed to incorporate a user-friendly interface that not only grants real-time insights into campaign efficacy but also amplifies efficiency and profitability.

The execution of this initiative is charted out in sequential phases, with an emphasis on seamless integration of the proprietary technologies and a rigorous testing regimen for the framework. The innovative approach extends to employing the framework for self-evaluation, a process that entails subjecting the software to the project’s own campaigns. The culmination of these efforts is anticipated by January 2024.

Aaron Crewe, the Managing Director of and the driving force behind Acumen, articulated, “We greet the allocation from Innovate UK with elation and conviction in the capacity of our project to deliver a robust and all-encompassing solution. Our initiative is tailored to empower enterprises in optimising their PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, charting the trajectory from click to conversion, and orchestrating automated enhancements through the adept application of AI and machine learning.”

Distinguished by an underpinning of innovation, Acumen stands poised to usher in substantial advantages for entities navigating the digital advertising realm, encompassing heightened transparency, elevated accountability, and enhanced performance metrics. Captivise Ltd and envision a future where Acumen spearheads a transformative paradigm shift in digital advertising, thereby establishing novel benchmarks for the industry and propelling enterprises towards unprecedented pinnacles of accomplishment.

Sam Allcock

Sam Allcock is the founder of PR Fire. He helps small to medium-sized businesses land coverage in publications through smart press release distribution.

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