Kube Medical Enhances Healthcare Services with Introduction of Private Blood Tests

Kube Medical, located in Swindon, is proud to announce its recent accreditation by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This accomplishment signifies a key step in the clinic’s journey towards offering superior health and wellbeing services. With this CQC registration, Kube Medical can now provide private intravenous blood tests for diagnostic purposes.

The CQC, as England’s independent health and social care regulator, mandates registration for certain services, a familiar sight in various healthcare settings like hospitals and dental practices. This registration showcases Kube Medical’s adherence to stringent patient care, safety, and quality standards.

The clinic is now offering blood tests for private appointments in collaboration with Medichecks, a renowned diagnostic testing provider. This partnership offers a timely alternative to NHS wait times, facilitating quicker access to diagnostic services.

Samantha Campbell, Lead Chiropractor at Kube Medical, shared her excitement about the new diagnostic offerings: “Our registration with the Care Quality Commission and partnership with Medichecks reflect our commitment to providing well-rounded health and wellbeing services to the Swindon community. With private intravenous blood tests, we empower our patients to proactively manage their health and receive timely diagnostics, without the wait.”

Through its alliance with Medichecks, Kube Medical is expanding its diagnostic test range, including hormone assessments and general health screenings. This new service complements Kube Medical’s holistic approach to musculoskeletal care and overall wellbeing enhancement.

Patrick Campbell, CQC-Registered Manager at Kube Medical, commented: “Until now, patients wanting to arrange their own blood tests would have to travel to Cheltenham or beyond. Our registration will allow us to provide a valuable service to the town and the surrounding area.”

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