An avant-garde, 2023 iteration of a ‘UFO’ has manifested on the digital expanse of Facebook Marketplace.

The levitating disk has undergone a recent artistic transformation, displaying a fresh coat of paint, and accompanies an industry-standard 37-speed propulsion system.

The vendor, hailing from the Mexican province of Tamaulipas, underlines the time-sensitive nature of the transaction, extending the opportunity exclusively to individuals who are genuinely inclined to make a significant acquisition.

The stipulated price tag for the interstellar vessel rests at £115,000 (equivalent to MXN 2.5 million), with the assertion that the craft represents a v23 iteration originating from the United States.

Prospective purchasers are to be made cognizant of the spaceship’s capability to execute the extraction of up to 54 bovine specimens with a singular precision laser emanation.

For those potential buyers who might recoil at the initial valuation, the merchant offers an alternative, an elder model of the UFO, attainable for a sum of £70,000 (approximately MXN 1.5 million).

This secondary option consists of a 2016 spacefaring entity, boasting a mere 135,000 light-years of cosmic travel etched into its chronicles.

Distinguishing itself with a 37-fold velocity modulation structure, the pre-owned UFO enumerates a heritage of merely two prior custodians.

Analogous to its more modern counterpart, the second-hand celestial vehicle proclaims its capacity to engage in the exodus of an aggregate of 54 cattle in a solitary, sweeping motion.

Sam Allcock

Sam Allcock is the founder of PR Fire. He helps small to medium-sized businesses land coverage in publications through smart press release distribution.

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