Bride-to-Be Passes Away Days After Breast Augmentation Surgery

A bride-to-be tragically lost her life after undergoing a breast augmentation surgery, motivated by her desire to showcase her cleavage in a low-cut wedding dress. The beautician, Alessia Neboso, had been planning to marry her longtime boyfriend, Mario Lucchesi, but her dream took an unexpected and devastating turn.

Alessia, 21 years old, began feeling unwell shortly after the surgical procedure. She experienced a high fever, fatigue, cough, weakness, and gastrointestinal issues. Concerned about her deteriorating condition, her family rushed her to the emergency room at Villa dei Fiori Clinic in Acerra, near Naples, Italy.

Upon her admission on Wednesday (20 Sept), Alessia’s condition was critical. Dr. Feliciano Ciccarelli stated, “The colleagues on duty immediately understood that the situation was very serious. Her functional indicators were all altered; the kidneys were already failing, her white blood cell count was at 17,000, and she was starting to have difficulty breathing.”

The normal range for a white blood cell count typically falls between 4,000 and 11,000 per microlitre.

Dr. Ciccarelli continued, “We subjected her to all possible tests. We wanted to understand where the sepsis was localized. We did an ultrasound and a CT scan of the abdomen, another CT scan of the chest, from which we understood that the problem was coming from the lungs.”

Despite the medical team’s efforts to stabilize Alessia and save her life, she tragically suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away a few hours later.

Alessia had contemplated breast augmentation for months, driven by her aspiration to wear a stunning low-cut wedding dress that would highlight her newly enhanced cleavage. A close friend revealed, “Alessia had always had a complex about her small breasts, even though they weren’t really that small, in fact; in my opinion, they were almost perfect. But she didn’t want to listen to advice and had made up her mind to have it done; she didn’t care what others said. She didn’t even want to listen to her boyfriend; he wasn’t in favor either.”

Alessia’s family has filed a complaint, and authorities are now conducting an investigation. Her parents expressed their grief and determination to seek justice, saying, “If there are liabilities, they must come to light. If Alessia died because of the doctors, we want justice. She was doing great, she was beautiful, young, and healthy. They must tell us what happened in that operating room.”

Mario, her devastated fiancé, vowed to seek justice for Alessia and expressed his undying love for her on social media.

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